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How Delhi Airport took their
CX to the next level



Fetched daily from web, social
media channels, and call centers



Globally for social media response and engagement during covid-19 Pandemic



Created to analyse

One of the largest airports in the world with with over 70 million passenger footfall yearly, Delhi International Airport wanted to go deeper into the insights of their customers and use that to elevate the experience.

They needed a 24x7 mechanism to be able to listen and respond to queries from social media where the queries sky-rocketed, especially during the pandemic.

They wanted to go beyond social media and needed a centralized platform:

Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport with the help of Konnect Insights emerged as the No. 1 Airport in terms of social media response and engagement, in spite of recording around 20,000 queries in a 24 hour period, during the pandemic.