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Welcome to Konnect Insights, where we empower growth through innovative solutions and actionable insights. Partner with us to revolutionize how businesses connect with their customers, driving success and growth together.

Why Partner with Konnect Insights?

Omni-chanel customer experience

Seamlessly manage customer interactions across all channels - web, social media, contact center, chats, emails, app stores, and many more

Konnect AI+

AI powered analytics along with sentiment analysis, response management and smart suggestions to fuel your insights

Seamless integration

Integrate easily with CRM, contact center, chatbots, marketing automation, collaboration tools and many more

Advanced social insights

Gain deep, actionable insights from social listening and media analytics.

BI Tools and dashboards

Leverage the power of data by using BI Tools to pivot analytics and use simple, easily shareable and beautiful dashboards to present insights

Easy to sell

With social listening and social CRM in huge demand, the potential for selling is high as it can cater to all industries, geographies and even languages

Present in 30+ Countries

Trusted by businesses worldwide

Partner Benefits

Attractive Commissions

Earn attractive commissions year on year for every successful deal.

Full Implementation Revenue

Partners receive full revenue from implementations.

Lead Sharing Program

Seeding of leads to the partner to drive business growth.

Training & Certification

Enhance your skills with specialized training programs.

Technical Support

Dedicated technical support for smooth implementations.

Collaborative Sales Assistance

Work closely with our sales team for joint opportunities.

Early Access to Features

Be the first to try out new features and updates.

Marketing Support

Access to marketing materials and co-branded content.

Strong Partner Ecosystem

Join a thriving network of successful partners.

Partner-Friendly Policies

Benefit from our supportive and collaborative approach

Pricing Tools

Simplify quoting with our pricing tools.

Access to Partner Portal

Exclusive resources for partners..

Become a Partner

Become a Partner

An all-in-one platform to unify your customer care and marketing insights
Achieve one view of the customer across all customer touchpoints
100% Coverage of public and authenticated private channels
Huge ROI with Konnect AI+ and Dashboards / BI Tools
A delight for your customers. A delight for your agents
Achieve omni-channel customer experience
Real-time and accurate reports with customized dashboards
High levels of Automation and Konnect AI+
Dump Siloed approach. Unify your customer experience
Multilingual and covers all written languages
Integrations with CRMs, Contact Center and many more
App Marketplace to connect with your favorite apps
Covers all social, public web, messaging, reviews and location data

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BI Tools and Dashboards

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