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Wirality Media Marketing Agency Paving Efficient Creativity With Meaningful Data

Wirality Media Marketing Agency Paving Efficient Creativity With Meaningful Data

About Wirality Media

Online platforms have played a crucial role in connecting brands with their customers. Wirality is an independent agency that helps brands realize business outcomes by deploying strategy, creativity, and data to solve marketing problems for the largest brands in the country. Their clientele confirms that they are one of the most sought-after digital marketing agencies.

With a large presence and a roster of prestigious brands, the agency takes pleasure in being well-organized, structured, and incredibly efficient. The consumer is at the heart of their business, which encourages them to be results-driven, both subjectively and statistically. With a brilliant team dedicated to a single aim, the agency largely depends on technology as an enabler to achieve its goals and objectives.

In terms of innovation, Wirality relies upon using Konnect Insights to empower its data-driven methodology for greater insights.


What is Wirality Media’s overall brand objective?

For an agency with multiple clients and an array of processes and activities to be done across the board, efficiency in getting relevant data in a timely manner is imperative. Analytics is pivotal. Being a result-driven agency, they constantly depend on numbers and stats for fueling their strategies and campaigns and also help them provide the right kind of services to their clients.

To that effect, they need to heavily work on creating a lot of creating reports, daily, weekly, quarterly, or monthly depending upon the need of the agency as well as their clientele. Crunching numbers to get quick and actionable insights and presenting those in a palatable and visually appealing manner through stunning reports is one of the major objectives that they seek to fulfill from technology.

“As an agency, we are committed to gathering relevant data and showcasing the progress and growth of brands as proficiently and insightfully as possible. Konnect helps us do this and more!”  –  Team Wirality


What were the challenges Wirality Media faced in achieving its objectives?

An agency that is focused on improving its output speed, usually needed 5 days to create and complete reports by gathering data from various platforms and combing through it. As volumes grew, it was bound to impact the churn time and this was something of a concern.

Stressing on the fact that getting the right insights at the right time is extremely important, they wanted to optimize the reporting time. 

Thus, the agency turned towards technology to help them streamline and inculcate more efficiency in the analytics and reporting activity. However, there were some challenges there as well as the previous tools that they used were not up to the mark when it came to delivering on their expectations.

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Why did Wirality Media decide to go with Konnect Insights?

The agency need a tool that gave them what they needed – faster means of creating effective reports, ease of use, and quick assistance when needed.

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With their past partner, it took days to resolve their queries and also support them. Also, there were limitations to completing everything in one tool and thus they needed to look for other avenues to get their job done which also cascaded into additional time and efforts.

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Business benefits by using Konnect Insights.

Apart from Konnect Insights is very easy to use and extremely efficient, the customer success at Konnect Insights is extremely reliable and ready to help as soon as possible reducing delays.

Dashboards help showcase all the data in an easy-to-grasp manner and help them churn their reports faster which in turn helps improve productivity and they get to focus more on coming up with great plans and campaigns that benefit their clients.

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“Konnect Insights helps us immensely when it comes to social listening and reporting. Due to their dashboard features, end-of-the-month reports have become easy to create. Their customer success team is also there at every step of the way to help us make use of the tool in the best way possible.”   – Team Wirality

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