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The Home Decor Giant Painting Positive Expereinces For Its Customers

The Home Decor Giant Painting Positive Experience For Its Customers

Since its humble origins in 1942, the firm has come a long way. It was founded as a partnership venture by four friends who were eager to compete with the world’s largest and most well-known paint firms operating in India at the time. Over the course of 25 years, they grew to become a corporate force and India’s top paint firm. Due to its strong consumer focus and inventive attitude, the firm has been the global leader in paint since 1967. It is now double the size of any other paint firm in India. They make a diverse variety of ornamental and industrial paints, as well as wall coverings, adhesives, and services.

The firm also sells bath and kitchen goods in the Home Improvement and Decor area. Lighting, furnishings, and furniture were all added to the company’s inventory. It provides a variety of sanitizers and surface disinfectants in the health and hygiene industry.


Brand’s Plan

The new line of hand, surface, and space sanitizers and disinfectants were recently introduced by the firm. It also provides a sanitization service and a safe painting service for its customers.

They have also recently released a line of furniture, furnishings, and lighting products under three different brands – providing a diverse range of options in the “Home Décor” sector.

It has also introduced the “Beautiful Homes Service,” an exclusive end-to-end solution that offers users a bespoke interior design service with expert execution to help them build their ideal homes.

Clear Goals for a Clear Future

“To be the forerunner of inspiring décor and to actively empower customers to create their dream homes.”

Brand’s Hurdles

When it comes to the production, marketing, and distribution of numerous home décor and bathroom fitting products, the brand is a titan in its market and industry. And given the size of the brand and the breadth of its offerings, it is only natural for conversations, queries, questions, and discussions to happen and revolve around the brand.

The brand observed that its customers are trying to reach them through multiple social media platforms, websites, or review channels in order to voice their opinions in accordance with their preferences.

The brand was finding it challenging to monitor its customers and prospects and effectively engage with them via these social and web channels. The other challenge was to track all this data in one place to understand the customer’s sentiments towards the brand.

Tracking customer sentiment and opinions was crucial given the volume of conversations because it had an impact on the overall brand image. They needed a solution that would provide up-to-date data that would help them gauge customer sentiment, the volume of conversation, the source of conversations, and much more. They also required a system of response management to build and maintain a strong online reputation in the digital world of the market.

Brand’s Solution

Being at the top of the industry and maintaining this position as the market leader in the sector, it was a must for them to offer top-notch customer experience and services.

They selected Konnect Insights because it offered them a holistic and comprehensive solution that allowed them to not only track and gather all pertinent conversations around the brand, but also analyze them and provide actionable insights on all such conversations. By doing this, they were able to overcome the difficulty of monitoring, tracking, and understanding the customers’ sentiments.

With Konnect Insights, they are able to respond to the conversations across various channels based on sentiment analysis, and they are able to do all this in one place with one central product.

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Brand’s Weapon

The brand wanted to maintain a strong and powerful reputation in the digital world of the market. They are expected to provide the best in customer service, support, care, and experience to their customers. By assisting the brand in tracking, analyzing, and responding to all of the conversations that are relevant to the brand, Konnect Insights offers an all-in-one solution.

They frequently make use of the Konnect Insights suite’s dashboarding feature, which enables them to track various social metrics in real-time using visually appealing and simple-to-understand charts and infographics. The reporting feature enables the brand to create personalized reports that make it simple for management to comprehend the metrics they’re trying to monitor.

As a result of having an omnichannel solution for their online reputation management efforts, the brand has not only been able to respond to more conversations than they could manually but is also able to provide a higher level of customer satisfaction. And it’s become effortless for the brand to distinguish itself not only from its competitors in terms of its products but also in terms of customer experience and satisfaction.