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How ONSITEGO WOWS their CX through hassle-free services

How ONSITEGO WOWS their CX through hassle-free services

Onsitego is India’s leading device-care provider that offers a one-stop solution for All Your Device Needs – extended warranties, damage protection, AMC plans, and On-Demand Repair Services. They cover all electronic devices and home appliances. Their plans are widely available across retail stores and online marketplaces. They provide convenient and hassle-free service for the repair and maintenance of devices and appliances.

Driven by its mission to consistently deliver a ‘WOW’ experience to its customers, it has earned the highest net promoter score (NPS) globally in after-sales services. It provides brand warranty and installation services, protection plans like Extended Warranty, Damage Protection, Annual Maintenance, Home Warranty Plans, and on-demand repair services. Onsitego is backed by marquee investors like Accel, IFC, and Zodius.

Onsitego is at the core of the customer’s whole device ownership experience. They are excellent at marketing the nice gadgets that brands produce. However, if something goes wrong, it can be difficult and time-consuming to seek assistance from either the brand or the merchant. In order to offer a hassle-free and enjoyable level of client service, they step in.

They are present in over 170+ cities and towns across India and have partnerships with large retail chains like Croma, Vijay Sales, and Bajaj Electronics, as well as smaller retail outlets and online platforms like Amazon.

Onsitego services are available through over 10,000 partner stores and on their website and app. Onsitego has over 80 lakh+ customers across the country. The greatest care you can provide for your gadgets and appliances is ensured by their thoughtful programs and award-winning customer service.

How Has Konnect Insights Been Helpful to Onsitego  

Onsitego, being one of the leading device-care providers in India, is very active on social media and quick when it comes to addressing customer queries. As a brand that aims to offer the best services, it was imperative for them to leverage online conversations to be able to take their customers to the next level and provide the best support.

Moreover, to maintain a strong brand reputation and continue engaging with customers, the company needed to use insights and understand their customers better to align objectives and outcomes that exceed customer expectations. To make this possible, Onsitego chose Konnect Insights. With Konnect Insights, the company has been able to monitor social listening, ORM, and analytics in one suite.

Conversation Volume In order to keep track of all the conversations related to its services, the company uses Konnect Insights to monitor a set of keywords that they identified as important. Based on these keywords, they are able to fetch conversations from across the web and social media channels. This has helped them…

✅   Understand the context of these conversations.

✅   Respond to queries and customer concerns in a timely manner.

✅   Derive in-depth insights with regard to various aspects such as sentiment, media type, etc.

Senitment Analysis

Their major use case is the classification feature in Konnect Insights, which makes it very easy to automatically assign them to specific specialized agents for responses. To track the analytics regarding their social profiles, they have very effectively utilized the dashboarding feature in Konnect Insights to portray their performance in the form of easy-to-understand analytics.

Competition analysis is another important reason for using Konnect Insights. They have been extensively using the Konnect Insights quick search feature to go about their competitive analysis. With the feature, they can track their competitors’ social presence as well as the sentiment they hold in the market. It also enables them to be up to date with all the steps their competitors take. This has helped Onsitego analyze its competitors and take the necessary steps to prevail in the market.