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Financial Conglomerate Transcending CX With Social Listening

Financial Conglomerate Transcending CX With Social Listening

The finance company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the same enterprises, is the brand group’s flagship firm. It is a housing finance company involved in a variety of financial services. It offers wholesale and retail lending options across industries, including early-stage private equity, structured debt, senior secured loans, construction finance, and Flexi lease rental discounting in real estate.

The company has only recently ventured into the hospitality business. They provide financing options to hotels in established and growing regions that will be operated by brand names.


Brand Objective

Their emphasis lies in nurturing a sense of entrepreneurship and ownership that empowers you to excel while leaving your unique imprint on your craft. Our core values keep us grounded even while riding the waves of success, helping us focus on the task at hand. Their purpose of “Doing Well and Doing Good” is deeply embedded in our DNA – it’s not just our success that defines us, but the drive to ensure that our business and our people create a positive impact on society.

An environment of collaborative learning helps you grow as a leader every single day, while our exponential growth plans give you a platform for a truly exciting career.


Expertise – Strive for a deeper understanding of our domain.

Innovation – We aspire to do things creatively.


Entrepreneurship – We are empowered to act decisively and create value.

Integrity – We are consistent in our thought, speech, and action


Trusteeship – We protect and enhance the interests of our customers, community, employees, partners, and shareholders.

Humility – We aspire to be the best, yet strive to be humble.


Performance – We strive to achieve market leadership in scale and profitability, wherever we compete.

Resilience – We aspire to build businesses that anticipate, adapt, and endure for generations.

They aim to serve our customers, community, employees, partners, and all other stakeholders by putting their needs and well-being first. They strive to make a positive difference through our products, services, customer-centric approach, and innovation-led research.


Brand Challenges

The financial service provider found it difficult to track the various verticals that they had. With each vertical having its own social profile across multiple social channels, it was difficult to analyze data from such diverse sources. They, being one of the leading brands in the Indian financial sector, have a huge number of conversations happening daily. It was difficult to track and analyze such conversations in a way that optimized time and effort.

A major aspect of the brand’s marketing strategy is to undertake competitor analysis. With new brands emerging in the financial market every day, it was difficult to track them effectively. They required a solution to automatically track all relevant conversations and assist in competitor analysis.

Competitor analysis would help them stay ahead of the competition. Also, it will help them in planning their strategies accordingly to lure in more potential customers.


Brand’s Plan Of Action

Providing the best customer experience possible is one of the brand’s core principles. Using Konnect Insights, they were able to track all conversations across all the social channels and social profiles. They track and analyze social data and draw inferences with respect to the performance of the various aspects of their services.

With all these conversations coming in from multiple sources, they utilized Konnect Insights’ Classification feature to categorize conversations based on their required parameters and then deep dive into the insights for each of these categories in terms of sentiments and other KPIs.

Responding and engaging with their customers in a manner that resolves their queries and conversations has helped them build a positive brand image and have a reputation that reflects their customer-centric values that align with their objectives.

Media Type Overview

Having incorporated Konnect Insights into its online reputation management workflow, the brand has been able to consolidate data from all channels in one place. Analyzing all the data across multiple channels has helped them to have a holistic view of their brand and draw insights that help them in their strategies and decisions to improve customer experience.

They also track and respond to GMB location reviews for over 200 locations through Konnect Insights. Customers like it when brands engage and the company believes in the same philosophy. They keep their customers on top of their priorities. That’s where Konnect Insights helps them achieve their goals.