What makes Konnect Insights the best social listening tool you’ll ever use?

All in one Tool - Konnect Insights
All in one tool

Once you sign up with Konnect Insights you don’t have to manage / buy multiple tools. You get power of 4 products in one

Great Coverage - Konnect Insights
Great Coverage

Don’t miss a single conversation anywhere on the web. Konnect crawls millions of sites and all social channels

Beautiful Dashboards - Konnect Insights
Beautiful Dashboards

You will simply fall in love with the UI design! Take reporting to all new level with our beautiful dashboards

Back End Technology - Konnect Insights
Back end Technology

Konnect Insights is built on latest big data technologies to cater huge volume and variety of data with speed

Easy to Use - Konnect Insights
Easy to Use

The supreme excellence is Simplicity! Konnect Insights is an easy to use software with very rich user experience

Highly Automated - Konnect Insights
Highly Automated

Minimum of manual intervention. Konnect Insights accurately automates sentiment, tagging and assignment

Social media Listening & Analytics with an easy to use tool - Konnect Insights

Konnect Insights is a social media listening tool that keeps you updated on what, when, where, and by whom content is being shared related to your brand on social media platforms. Every day nearly billions of posts are published on social platforms and it is not possible to manually curate content that involves your brand.

It is under this scenario, that the role of social media tools comes into existence. Our comprehensive tool serves the purpose of 4 different tools and saves much of the money that you would have spent on purchasing the other social media management tools. Our monitoring engine crawls through billions of websites, blogs, forums, and social media platforms to give you real-time insights about your brand.

What features make Konnect Insights a pioneer in its field?

Our social media tool acts as a one-stop solution to all your social media management requirements. It offers a lot of features that make Konnect insights one of the best social media listening tools . You can use the following offered features to your advantage and leverage your social media results.

Listening: Our robust social media listening tool makes sure not even a single relevant conversation is missed.

Social CRM: The powerful social CRM feature helps in building and maintaining healthy customer relationships like never before.

Analytics: The Social media analytics feature helps to ascertain and analyze the results of your online efforts.

Social Publishing: Allows you to publish content on different social media platforms using a single platform.

We make it easier to bridge the gap between your brand and your customers’. Being an efficient social media marketing tool it flawlessly manages to reach out to the target audience and build engagement with them. If you want to know how Konnect Insights can help your business grow and help you in social media management, then book a demo now.

Reach out to masses with fewer efforts and time using Konnect Insights

Our social media management tool helps you reach a greater number of audiences in less time with its social publishing feature. You will not have to login into all your social media accounts for posting something, as everything will be done on our social media tool only. You have to post engaging content frequently on different platforms to build engagement with customers’ and to keep them aware of your offerings. We have made things easier for you, as you cannot only post on multiple social platforms using our comprehensive tool but you can also schedule posts, create a query, set alerts, filter your search, and much more. This will help you to focus on your target audience more and you will be able to better engage with them. Our tool also serves the purpose of an online reputation management tool by notifying you of both the positive and negative feeds being shared for your brand. Once you come to know of such posts, you can accordingly come up with the necessary course of action after evaluating the post. If you want to fully utilize the features to your advantage, then you should prefer a premium tool over a free social media listening tool.

Konnect Insights help in Identifying influencers along with evaluating team performance

The monitoring engine of our social media tool easily identifies the influencers who are capable of turning into your brand advocates. This is done based on various factors like the number of views received by the post, frequency of engagement, conversation sentiment, and much more. Once you find out the most effective influencers, the work of an online reputation management tool may be reduced to some extent, as the brand advocates will take care of your brand image. The social CRM feature present in our social media marketing tool also helps in evaluating the performance of team members as you can easily calculate the turn-around-time of each member. This not only saves time but also increases productivity.

Evaluate and analyze your ROI using Konnect Insights

Whether you talk about social media management tools or online reputation management tools, each one is used with a view of getting a high return. The advanced and powerful social media analytics feature helps evaluate the results of your overall online efforts. You can analyze each and everything that is relevant to your brand. Apart from getting evaluation results you can also create and modify charts, automate conclusions, download raw data, create custom dashboards, and much more. The social media analytics are presented in the form of beautiful charts and are always presentation ready.

Avail maximum benefits at an affordable pricing

One of the best features of our offerings is our economic pricing. Our comprehensive social media marketing tool offers endless features at unmatched prices. We understand that different businesses have different needs; hence in order to cater your requirements, we offer three different plans to our customers’. If you are skeptic of the prices and not sure whether you should invest it or not then try our 14-day free trial today. You can enjoy the benefits of all advanced features that are a part of our paid plan in the 14-day trial period. This will help you know what you will be getting exactly at the offered price range.

There are various free social media management tools but, they will not deliver the required services that are required to stay a step ahead of your competitors. You can start a free plan now to understand what services are offered and how will they improve your social efforts. The plan can be upgraded to a premium one at a later stage to enjoy advanced and more powerful features.

If you haven’t used a social analytics tool yet, then you are not channelizing your efforts and time in the right direction. In order to make the most of your social campaigns, you should start using social media tools at the earliest.

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Konnect Insights is primarily a professional web monitoring tool; but, like a Swiss army knife, it actually includes a few other full-fledged services as well:Social CRM tool: workflow & response management features; Analytics: brand, competition, and industry analysis; Social scheduling: easily schedule messages for your social profiles.

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