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The Mobile And Accessories Retail Chain Building Its Online Reputation

The Mobile And Accessories Retail Chain Building Its Online Reputation

A well-known multi-brand retail chain in India selling cell phones, chargers, accessories, internet data cards, and gadgets is situated in Chennai. It operates over 450 one-stop mobile stores in places like Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Kerala.

Formed with the goal of combining the appearance, feel, and a touch of mobile shops with the variety, convenience, and elegance of modern retail, the brand believes in the strength of collaboration and teamwork, thinking large as a group, and the power of unification. 

They employ over 3500 skilled and devoted personnel, which distinguishes the company from other retail chains by guaranteeing that each client who enters the showroom is welcomed and catered to with the utmost integrity, expertise, and service. This strategy is helping them in their online reputation management.

The brand has positive relationships with manufacturers and continues to receive accolades for its sales, owing to the success of the Indian mobile revolution.

They have expanded steadily throughout south India over the years. They have successfully transitioned from brick and mortar to developing an e-commerce platform where consumers can purchase mobile phones through an online store, and they are now completely focused on digital marketing.


Prioritizing their “Customers”

The objective is to provide the highest level of customer service in the industry while allowing access to essential and lifestyle products. As a brand, it has prioritized its customers by upholding their trust. They wish to psychologically impact their customers in such a manner that whenever they think of mobile phones or accessories, they think about them.


Achieving the “Goal”

There is no doubt that they will receive a lot of queries and reviews coming in from different social media platforms as they work to become the number one retailer in the nation when it comes to mobile phones. Customers are incredibly important to them as a brand. By responding to each of their queries, they strive to serve the customer’s needs with the highest priority. But just providing answers to the questions is not sufficient; the promptness of responses and the accuracy of the information they contain is equally important.

Engagement is crucial for the brand, in addition to responding. By interacting with people through the brand’s social media accounts, it can maintain its top-of-mind position. By engaging with their audience on social media, brands can maintain their relevance, comprehend online consumer behavior, and engender a sense of loyalty in their audience.

sentiment wise conversation count

There are a lot of different kinds of conversations happening, and the volume could be high owing to a high-demand product range. From questions about the cost of a specific smartphone to requests for information on the company’s return or product exchange policies and warranty policies, there are variations in the

The brand is present at many locations and has multiple physical stores. So it makes sense that they would get a ton of reviews on Google My Business. They needed to make sure that responses to customers who requested information or raised concerns were given as soon as possible, in addition to offering fantastic products and mind-blowing deals.

The process needed to be optimized because relying solely on manual efforts for CXM was becoming difficult as volumes increased.  Additionally, SOPs must be followed to guarantee the efficient operation of the customer service engine, particularly when the conversations are protracted. Therefore, it is crucial for the brand to manage the conversations gleaned from different data points.

profile wise star rating


Streamlining with “Technology”

The retail brand needed a technology that would streamline their processes in a way that made it easy and effective for them to take care of their customers. Additionally, SOPs for responding to Google My Business (GMB) reviews had to be established.

Response automation for the star ratings they receive for their store locations across India is carried out using Konnect Insights’ automation module. Multiple draft templates are created and uploaded for better work productivity. An automated response is then sent in accordance with the set automation. For eg: They would have a “keyword automation” set up where an auto-response would be sent if a conversation is tracked with that particular word. In a similar manner, multiple automations have been set for various scenarios.

category wise conversation


Finding actionable insights about their online presence is made possible by tracking social media conversations involving the brand. One of the most crucial components of social CRM (customer relationship management) is comprehending customer sentiment. They wanted to excel at customer relationship management and give their customers what they desired by utilizing Konnect Insights. They can analyze all the conversations across various social channels by setting up dashboards. These facts are gathered, and they are used to organize their social media marketing campaigns.

Brands that invest in strong response management strategies have a powerful brand identity that makes customers feel valued. Through online response management, brands can manage social media complaints, address queries in a stipulated timeline, and also ensure no customer is left unattended.

Set Actions


Benefits brought in by Konnect Insights

The company used Konnect Insights’ Suite to manage both its social media presence and the conversations surrounding it. They fetched and responded to these conversations on a daily basis and further generated Turn Around Time (TAT) reports for the same.

With Konnect Insights’ assistance, they can determine the demographics of their audience. The platform even offers analytics, which shows the best times to post and the types of content that are most well-liked by the audience to increase customer engagement, and reports are capable of displaying all of this data.

Set Reply Action


These reports and dashboards come in handy during meetings and are used graphically to display the social media insights discovered.  To download excel sheets, they also frequently use the data download feature. They produce reports that include conversation sentiment analysis, media-type analysis of social platforms, and conversation volume analysis.

They are able to reply to conversations even on non-workdays and non-working hours by using the Konnect Insights Automation module. Some queries may even be able to be instantly resolved with the tool’s help if they are not too complex.

Overall, Konnect insights enabled them to more effectively and significantly hear the online voices of their customers, that align with their objectives. When a brand of such repute responds to every single customer, it conveys a sense of recognition and satisfaction that its voice has been heard and that it is prepared to take action to ensure great customer experiences.