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Customer-centric Social Listening

Dive deep into your audience’s world, uncovering their preferences, pinpointing pain points, and spotting emerging trends. Have the edge to align your strategies precisely with customer expectations. Elevate your brand’s impact with a customer-centric approach.

100% Coverage of Brand public data , Authenticated Private channels and Competitor’s public data

Twitter X (Twitter)
Facebook Facebook
Instagram Instagram
Linked In LinkedIn
You Tube YouTube
Mail Email Tickets
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Google Business Google Business
Blogs Blogs
Whats App WhatsApp
Web Results Web Results
Ad Words Feedback
Analytics Survey
Web Hooks News
Forums Forums
Reviews Reviews
Web Hooks Webhooks
Web Hooks Telegram
Web Hooks Reddit
Web Hooks Quora
Web Hooks Trustpilot
Web Hooks TikTok
Web Hooks Physical Locations
Web Hooks Ecommerce Reviews
Web Hooks Koo
Web Hooks Consumer Forums

Listen to your audience’s voice

By aggregating data from these multifaceted channels, Konnect Insights enables businesses to engage in a continuous learning process. It helps them understand their customers on a deeper level, revealing preferences, pain points, and emerging trends. This invaluable insight empowers businesses to adapt their strategies in alignment with customer expectations.

Konnect Insights employs sophisticated sentiment analysis algorithms to decode the emotional nuances embedded in customer conversations. This means that the platform can discern whether customer sentiment is predominantly positive, negative, or neutral. Understanding sentiment is pivotal for assessing the emotional tone of customer interactions and gauging how customers perceive your brand, products, or services.

The data collected through social listening provides the foundation for effective audience segmentation. Businesses can segment their audience based on behavior, demographics, and preferences, allowing for highly targeted marketing campaigns and tailored messaging that resonate with specific customer segments

Konnect Insights provides a comprehensive social listening solution that spans numerous channels, including major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, as well as blogs, forums, review sites, and news articles. This broad coverage ensures that businesses capture insights from diverse sources across the digital landscape.

Keep up with the trends

Deep Dive Market Research

By aggregating data from various sources, Konnect Insights supports comprehensive market research. This includes trend analysis, competitive benchmarking, and customer behavior insights. Armed with this information, businesses can make informed decisions and adapt their strategies to evolving market dynamics.

Predictive Analytics

Efficiency matters, and our BI Tools optimize operations with cost-effective solutions. By reducing manual data manipulation and analysis, you save time and resources. This cost efficiency allows you to allocate resources where they’re needed most, improving your organization’s overall performance.

Demographic Insights

Konnect Insights offers a robust demographic data analysis feature, allowing businesses to gain insights into the demographics of their audience. This demographic information is invaluable for tailoring marketing efforts to specific customer segments, ensuring personalized and targeted communication.

Competitive Analysis

Konnect Insights doesn’t just focus on your brand; it also keeps a watchful eye on your competitors. The platform tracks and analyzes the online presence and sentiment of your rivals. This competitive intelligence provides businesses with a comparative perspective, helping them understand their position in the market and uncover opportunities for differentiation.

Offer the Best to Your Customers

Product Category Insights

The platform supports the categorization and tracking of discussions related to specific product categories or offerings.

Campaign Insights

Konnect Insights facilitates an in-depth evaluation of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns that empower businesses to effectively track key performance metrics.

Influencer Tracking

The platform is equipped to identify and track influential individuals or entities within your industry or niche.

Product Launch Support

Konnect Insights aids businesses in making data-driven decisions when launching new products or services and maintaining a positive reputation online during launches.

Proactively Mitigate Crisis

Crisis Management

Konnect Insights plays a pivotal role in crisis management by continuously monitoring social channels for potential PR crisis. Early detection and swift response are critical to mitigating the impact of negative events and preserving brand reputation.

Overall Brand Health Monitoring

The platform offers an ongoing assessment of your brand's health, taking into account factors such as sentiment analysis, customer satisfaction, and overall online presence. This holistic view of brand health empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions aimed at enhancing brand perception

What More..

Real Time Monitoring

Leads Tracking

Live Dashboards and BI Tools

Stunning Charts

Monitor 50+ KPIs

Language Agnostic

Konnect AI+

Industry Benchmarking

Accurate Sentiment

An all-in-one platform to unify your customer care and marketing insights
Achieve one view of the customer across all customer touchpoints
100% Coverage of public and authenticated private channels
Huge ROI with Konnect AI+ and Dashboards / BI Tools
A delight for your customers. A delight for your agents
Achieve omni-channel customer experience
Real-time and accurate reports with customized dashboards
High levels of Automation and Konnect AI+
Dump Siloed approach. Unify your customer experience
Multilingual and covers all written languages
Integrations with CRMs, Contact Center and many more
App Marketplace to connect with your favorite apps
Covers all social, public web, messaging, reviews and location data

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