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The Digital Agency Leveraging Market Insights

The Digital Agency Leveraging Market Insights

A marketing agency that is here to help brands discover their purpose as fellow humans and do things of importance, establishing a new type of connection between brands and their followers.

Their line of work is to promote effective digital transformation.  They accomplish this by offering a variety of services, including marketing, design, strategy, and implementation. The Mumbai-based agency creates media-driven and creatively led digital campaigns thanks to their special blend of creativity and technology.

The emerging agency, on the other hand, is a brand formed from the current digital maelstrom caused by the epidemic. The creative and strategic advertising firm is helping to transform brands through revolutionary ideas for converting a  brand’s mission into commercial performance.


Brand Vision

In the current confusion between brands and customers, it is up to them to evolve a brand into the digital space. The brand is present because they feel there should be some sort of order.

They stay true to the brand and carve out a place for the brand in the culture that the audience lives in. They are here to assist brands in making that transition and achieving the commercial success that follows because the audience wants to own the brand.


Brand Hurdles

Being a creative and innovative digital marketing agency, they cater to multiple brands.  Keeping track of all the brands manually is very difficult for a digital agency to do. They needed a one-stop solution where they could monitor and analyze data for all their clients.

For an agency, manually managing so many brands and tracking insights for them is very difficult. To generate data for the same, they desired an easy-to-use product where they could add and manage all of their brand accounts.

They were interested in learning what was being said about the brands they support.

Additionally, they wanted to evaluate how the brand was doing on each of their individual social media platforms. They must monitor, track, and analyze a ton of data for that, which is a laborious task.

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Brand’s Solution

The company works with numerous brands in different industries on social media analytics, branding, and online reputation management.  They have been able to monitor client conversations across various platforms thanks to Konnect Insights. The social listening process is carried out for their clients in a seamless manner because all the conversations and data are presented in one place.

They can even follow the social profiles of the rival companies of their clients. They can track and understand the level of interest and traction that the competitor brands have experienced. Reports are used to present this data, which makes it simple to understand and discuss during their strategy meetings. The social listening process is simplified and also has a greater impact when the data is easy to understand.

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Brand Gained Benefits

An all-in-one platform for managing the customer experience across all web and social media channels, Konnect Insights is an omnichannel listening and analytics tool. The agency is now able to better understand its clients’ competitors’ marketing capabilities and performance in the market.

With social analytics, they get an in-depth understanding of their social posts’ performance. They are able to get insights into the post engagements. They can derive inference from such insights with respect to what kind of content their audiences are engaging with. They can track posts that perform and posts that are not successful and adjust accordingly. They tailor their social campaigns to get the maximum reach and engagement possible. They even learn about the right time to post content to get maximum engagement.

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The digital marketing agency leverages the platform to learn about the clients’ competition in the market – how the competition is performing; how to create successful strategies to get an edge over the competition. They create custom reports to analyze each brand individually. They are able to create topics for each specific product for all the individual brands they handle. This helps them analyze product-wise sentiment and performance.

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The agency has been able to optimize its time and productivity by having all the necessary data in one place and easily analyzing that data in a timely manner to feed their strategies and are thus able to better service to their clients by using social listening and analytics.