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The Health Insurance Company Priortizes Its Customer Service The Most

The Health Insurance Company That Values Its Customer Service The Most

An Indian multinational corporation began operations in 2006 as India’s first independent health insurance company. The business offers health, personal accident, and international travel insurance services.

It offers products to meet the needs of every customer, whether they are single people, families, or businesses, and it operates both directly and through a variety of channels like agents, brokers, the internet, etc. It has a long-standing partnership with numerous banks and is associated with Bancassurance.

The company has underwritten a gross written premium of over Rs.6.8k Crore during the FY 2019-20 and has built up a promising path with an appreciable net worth of Rs.2k Crore as of March 31st, 2020.

Currently, it has 12800+ employees and 635+ branch offices all over India.



As the largest private health insurance provider in India, they provide unique and specialized products that are in line with the demands of the Indian market. The quality of their customer service has also been raised thanks to their dedicated claims assistance and round-the-clock multilingual call center support.

A wide range of health insurance and specialty products to cater to every segment and Pan India presence with 640+ branch offices with cashless treatment at 12,000+ hospitals across India.

Its main goal is to provide exceptional customer service. It achieves this by being prompt in its responses to online customer inquiries. Being a significant provider of health insurance in the nation, the company must keep track of what consumers are saying about their products online, particularly on social media platforms, and promptly respond to those comments.


The brand, which provides insurance solutions to more than a thousand customers in a variety of categories, faced a significant challenge that needed to be resolved in order to improve its online response management and customer support.

Media Type

The company was manually tracking and responding to online inquiries, which proved to be laborious given the volume of conversations about the brand they had to sift through and address. This process needed to be digitally transformed in order to enhance the customer experience, as their response time was influenced by this.

Why Konnect Insights?

For assistance with managing their online customer response, the company chose Konnect Insights as a partner. We are an omnichannel customer experience management platform offering social listening, social analytics, and social CRM, giving the brand the ability to track queries/complaints from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and respond to them in a timely and efficient manner using a single platform.

Ticket Statistics

Managing large volumes of queries became simpler with Konnect Insights. Agents could view the complete history of the query with features like a ticket-wise view. Customer service requests can be easily resolved by the customer support team. The product assists the brand in tracking the timelines of escalations and workflow in full transparency by using powerful dashboards and reports.

Ticket Classification

The company uses Konnect Insights for extensive social listening and analytics in addition to response management. It monitors all brand-related online conversations and mines the gathered data for useful and beneficial information.

With the aid of personalized dashboards and integrated BI tools, the brand performs a thorough analysis using the tool’s assortment of charts. The volume of conversations, sentiment analysis, classification reports, and engagement by media-type analysis are just a few of the analytics and reports that can be generated by the tool.

The insurance company uses Konnect Insights to monitor the effectiveness of its competitors’ social media profiles in addition to measuring the performance of its own social media accounts. It keeps track of a variety of reports that aid in the brand’s marketing initiatives, including fan/follower growth, daily engagement comparison, engagement by platform post type, follower demographics, etc.

“Konnect Insights has been used by the us for more than three years. The platform has been easy to use and it’s utilized internally by our service team member. It also allowed us to reduce its agency costs while also significantly improve response times and efficacy to provide customer service.” – The Health Insurance Company Team