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Ather Energy, An Indian EV Company, Leveraging Consumers’ Insights

Ather Energy, An Indian EV Company, Leveraging Consumers’ Insights

Ather Energy, an electric vehicle company in India, leveraging consumers' insights


Ather Energy is an Indian start-up in the EV (Electric Vehicle) industry, founded in the year 2013. It is the only premium electric scooter in India and serves as the industry benchmark.

Ather Energy built an intelligent electric scooter, featuring route optimization and predictive maintenance. They manufacture both electric scooters and electric vehicle charging infrastructure, called Ather Grid.

The EV Ather 450, is an internet-connected scooter with a complete automation processor, 4G LTE connectivity, a mobile app, and a display panel, providing the best EV scooter ride experience.

Ather Grid 2.0  is an internet-connected EV scooter battery charging station. It uses Ather’s proprietary charging technology, method, and connector to charge the Ather EV scooters.

Ather 450X

(Ather 450X)



The automobile industry is on the cusp of a huge technological disruption. Today, electric vehicles are the preferred choice because of the inherent efficiency that will shape the commute in the urban cities of today and tomorrow. The world around us is connected like never before, with the growing integration of devices and our experiences seamlessly connecting.

Smart electric vehicles are the future. They will revolutionize the whole commuting experience of the automobile industry. The essential elements of performance riding are perfectly fused and balanced into one seamless, confidence-inspiring experience that is handcrafted to transport you with a thrill.

At Ather, “They want to build the future of mobility—one that is connected and electric.” They truly believe electricity is inevitable. There’s never been a better time.

One of the primary goals of Ather Energy is to stay engaged with customers on social media platforms. The current trend is to be engaging and relevant—where Ather is acing it.

Ather Energy Instagram 



Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, the Indian economy was impacted big time, and people chose not to spend hastily and instead focused on purchasing products that are essential for survival. However, this did not affect the strategic direction of the company. So, COVID-19 was a challenge for Ather as it was a nationwide lockdown.

The primary mode of transport is still the personal vehicle. The other challenges impacting customer service were inconsistent handling of issues, longer wait times, and customer dissatisfaction— all hampering agent productivity and overall experience. Hence, the management decided to correct this mishandling and bring Konnect Insights on board for better response time and enhanced customer experience.

Ather Energy Instagram


With respect to social listening, a brand should be aware of what people are talking about the brand and engage with them to get a better insight into the market trend and plan business developments accordingly.



With Konnect Insights’ Omnichannel Customer Experience Management Suite, the electric scooter brand can listen to customers on web channels such as blogs, forums, news, review sites, as well as social media channels. This date provides very useful and insightful information that the brand uses to fuel its marketing and CXM efforts.

There are many metrics that the platform provides based on the listening data to give a complete picture of the brand’s perception, positioning, and influence in the market. Moreover, it also gives a holistic view of industry-related trends that could be relevant to the company.

listening report word cloud


Over and above that, Ather Energy’s customer support team can respond to all customers from one platform.

How did Ather Energy, an electric vehicle company in India, leverage consumers’ insights?The Konnect Insights interface is extremely user-friendly. It provides a one-ticket view and seamless team collaboration for better work coordination. Ather Energy loves Konnect Insights’ Maker-Checker workflow, which is used for day-to-day response management workflow. It allows them to ensure that there are no errors with respect to responding to the end customer and target audience.

Moreover, the team can easily respond and resolve within set SLAs and TATs, thus improving the CSAT score of the brand and also measuring the impact of their efforts.

TAT Report


Ather Energy’s marketing team uses Konnect Insights not only for listening and social CRM, but they also plan and execute their social media content and campaigns efficiently and seamlessly on their brand handles. In addition to that, they enjoy going through the in-depth analytics of each of their handles to understand reach, impressions, engagement, fan and follower growth, best times to engage with the audience, and much more. The KISS (Konnect Insights Smart Suggestions) module makes it extremely easy to consume and comprehend the insights and even present them to stakeholders for quick inference.


How did Ather Energy, an electric vehicle company in India, leverage consumers’ insights?


Ather Energy works on a strict TAT and for them, it is highly important that all their customer queries are answered timely. With the use of Konnect Insights, Ather Energy was able to cut down on their TAT and ensure that all customer queries were responded to.

It has also made it easy for the teams to collaborate and use other features provided by the platform to Listen, Evaluate and Act and bring their customer journeys to life. And all this is helping improve the brand’s awareness and cement its position while boosting engagement on social media channels and thus fostering trust among its customers.

With the help of Konnect Insights, all of their data is stored in one place, and they can get a holistic view. Ather fetches all their conversations in Konnect Insights, analyzes them to gain opportunities, and plans strategies to act on them.