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Consumer Electronics Enterprise Providing Top-Notch UX Using Social Data

Consumer Electronics Enterprise Providing Top-Notch UX Using Social Data

The Consumer Electricals Enterprise manufactures and markets a wide range of consumer products, ranging from fans, lamps, and luminaries to pumps and household appliances. The company has a strong dealer base across the country with a wide service network offering robust after-sales service to customers. They have a nationwide distributor network of more than 3,000 and over 1 lakh retailers with over 500 service centers. 

They released India’s first anti-dust ceiling fans in October 2016, which collect 50% less dust than normal fans. Their revenues were severely hampered by the COVID-19 epidemic and subsequent lockdown. Nevertheless, the firm has partially restored production in all of its factories, with the remaining operations slated to resume gradually.


Brand’s Vision of Excellence

They are one of India’s largest consumer firms, having a 90+ year brand history. They are an independent firm under professional management as of February 2016, with two business segments: lighting and electrical consumer durables. In India and certain export countries, they promote their products under the same brand name.

They have over 12,000 SKUs to pick from. As of March 31, 2021, almost 47.50 billion dollars in revenue has been earned. Their team is expanding and improving, with 1800+ employees and counting.

The brand has five pillars to achieve the vision of providing “Excellence”.

1️⃣   Brand Excellence

The brand is one of the oldest in the country, with a long tradition linked with excellent quality, trustworthiness, exceptional engineering ability, and product design, and it inspires a great deal of trust.

2️⃣   Portfolio Excellence

They manage their product portfolio by constantly improving their understanding of their customers. Consumer insights across categories are crucial for sustaining, expanding, and introducing new product segments.

3️⃣   Go-To-Market Excellence

With a growing range of goods and SKUs driven by consumer-focused innovation, delivering the correct products to customers across the country is a vital component of their success.

4️⃣   Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is their “end-to-end” integrated strategy for improving quality, driving efficiency, and raising standards across all activities involved in providing a product or service to the customer.

5️⃣   Organizational Excellence

We are committed to developing skills in Go-to-Market, Brand and Portfolio Management, Innovation, and Operational Excellence as we continue to transform the brand into a consumer-focused business.


Difficulties Faced By The Brand

The company manufactures and markets a wide range of consumer goods, including fans, LED lighting, water heaters, coolers, irons, kitchen appliances, and pumps. They sell a variety of consumer goods on Amazon and Flipkart. It is evident that the number of conversations taking place around them is enormous, and working on it manually is a time-consuming procedure.

The brand’s main challenge prior to using Konnect Insights was keeping track of the conversations taking place about them. With conversations, reviews, and queries flooding in from a variety of social media platforms, e-commerce platforms, and other web channels, the monitoring process is not methodical.

Buzz Trend

Competition tracking is an essential element of the brand’s marketing strategy; nevertheless, personally tracking each and every competitor in the market was extremely tough. It was quite difficult to extract appropriate inferences from such vast volumes of data pouring in from numerous sources without a wireframe. This not only prolonged the procedure but also made it inefficient.

It was extremely difficult to take meaningful actions utilizing only a data dump. So they sought something that would allow them to simply monitor and get data, evaluate it, and draw actionable insights.


Why did Crompton decide to go with Konnect Insights?

It was critical for the brand to have a solution to evaluate data from a variety of social media, e-commerce, and digital channels in a seamless manner. The brand wanted a holistic approach and understanding of themselves in relation to their competition. They desired to do social listening and social analytics in order to have a better understanding of customer insights and to conduct subjective marketing efforts.

Relative Share Of Voice

This is why the brand went with Konnect Insights. They were able to monitor, retrieve, and combine data from all channels in one location by using the platform. They use this data to produce dashboards and reports to assess and understand their market performance. This helps to represent the data in a more understandable manner.

Relative Product Classification

They even monitor and fetch reviews from Amazon and Flipkart. This helped them in analyzing the performance of their products on e-commerce platforms. These insights were also utilized to better understand customer behavior, consumer requirements, product development, and other topics.


Business benefits by using Konnect Insights.

The brand’s legacy is to become more of a young, dynamic, and innovative brand – here’s where social listening helps them to achieve their brand vision. It also helps them provide meaningful solutions to their customers’ needs. Social analytics helps them understand the market better and develop long-term product strategies with coherent roadmaps.

Overall Sentiment Analysis

To keep an edge over its competition, they track product-specific conversations and analyze their sentiments with Konnect Insights’ platform. Sentiment analysis assists them in dealing with the volume of positive and negative conversations occurring around the brand. They may also understand the effectiveness of their marketing efforts by using sentiment analysis.

They are available across e-commerce platforms and marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart. They analyze reviews from these platforms to leverage consumer sentiment and insights. This helps in strengthening their reach and product distribution across the country.

Ecommerce Reviews

The brand is able to get everything about them in one place, including e-commerce reviews, social media insights, and web data, which they leverage to better understand their customers and offer excellence along with their amazing products and customer experience.