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The Wellness Center Boosts Its CSat

The Wellness Center Boosts Its CSat

The Wellness Centre is an unlisted private company incorporated on May 31st, 2017. It is a private company based in Mumbai. The coach is an award-winning holistic nutritionist and a worldwide known Holistic Lifestyle Coach in the area of integrative and lifestyle medicine.

Given the importance of wellness, he co-founded Comprehensive Living Concepts, a one-of-a-kind facility for people seeking holistic well-being. He is also an adviser and the head of integrative lifestyle and nutrition at a nutrition firm, as well as the co-founder of a digital healthcare platform with customized coaching.

His most recent honors are “Best in the Industry – Nutritionist” by Vogue, “Best Health Expert of the Year” by ELLE Beauty Awards, and “Middle East Healthcare Leadership Award – Best Holistic Wellness in Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine.” He was just named one of “GQ’s 50 Most Influential Young Indians.”

He practices in the fields of holistic nutrition and integrative lifestyle medicine. He is the pioneer and founder of the wellness center. The Center for Care and Wellness has treated 20,000 patients across the globe with cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and cardiovascular and rare metabolic syndromes.


Brand’s Fundamentals

Their programs have effectively influenced people suffering from serious illnesses all over the world by utilizing food and lifestyle in a holistic approach and placing a heavy emphasis on emotional recovery.

Their goal is to address the disease at its source in order to improve our lifestyle, which includes how we eat, sleep, move, and think. They think that if an illness was created by an erroneous lifestyle, then a corrective lifestyle may also improve it.

Their programs are tailored to our client’s needs, and their multidisciplinary strategy and integrative lifestyle programs revolve around four fundamental pillars of optimal health:

1️⃣   Quality Sleep

2️⃣   Balanced Nutrition

3️⃣   Emotional Detox

4️⃣   Adequate Exercise

It has now blossomed into a beautiful community with over a million people.

Taking a step closer to their dream, the wellness center and its integrative team of experts have launched a cancer care program that treats less privileged cancer patients across the country for FREE. This zero-cost program focuses on providing holistic nutrition and lifestyle support for cancer patients. Within two months of its launch, it has touched 100+ lives and continues to grow.

The objective is to cater to clients as quickly as possible, once they enquire- everything should be a smooth transition, as clients do not like to get a delayed response. The well-being of a client is essential as they are approaching us for the first time.

They ensure their experience is pleasant, and each customer would feel a sense of satisfaction and feel they are at the right place.

“Their brand objective is to attend to every single person who tries to reach out to us and provide them with a meaningful solution regarding their health and wellness.”


The Difficulties Faced By The Brand

As they are a wellness brand, they have a lot of followers online all over the world who would like to join their programs and connect with them. They receive a huge number of conversations happening around the brand on a daily basis. It is extremely important to address or engage; otherwise, it will reflect the brand’s image in a negative way.

They need to stay active across various social media platforms and respond or communicate timely because reviews, comments, and messages play an important role in building a brand image in the minds of customers.

Customers like to share their experiences with other individuals online. This is where reviews come into the picture. A customer review reflects a consumer’s interaction with your company’s products or services.

During the buyer’s journey, consumers consult customer reviews to learn how your product performs and whether it’s worth the cost. Anyone may post a review online, and these evaluations might include positive information, terrible experiences, or even false claims about your company.

Most customers like to post their reviews online about their customer journey and user experience. Tracking these reviews individually is quite a challenge for brands as they can miss out on some. Tracking, analyzing, and responding to the reviews can help you better understand your customers and their sentiments about your products or services.

There was one more challenge to timely responding to these reviews, one cannot reply all at the same time. We require a tool that would make it possible for us to finish all of our tasks in one place while also analyzing them, ensuring that the sentiment is tracked and all customers are contacted promptly, elevating the brand’s reputation.

“Since we have high engagement on our social platforms, checking individual platforms every now and then to engage with users was a task at hand.”


Streamlining Technology into their Marketing Plans

We needed something so we could improve our response time. We can do all our activities in one central place. We even wanted to increase the social engagement with their customers.

buzz trend

Konnect Insight seemed to be a very user-friendly platform as compared to other platforms and also offered us a variety of features that would help us in multiple ways.

We did not have to worry about all these problems as Konnect Insights was helping us. The platform was used to do social listening, social analytics, and online reputation management.

Their teams are able to work together collaboratively. They can collect data and analyze it for insights to improve their marketing strategies.

Relative share of voice

“Konnect Insights has helped us engage with and manage meaningful conversations with our audiences across our social platforms.”


Business Growth with us

Konnect Insights has made our lives easier. Now we can understand our customers better. The amount of time it takes to reply or respond to our customers has reduced drastically.

Now we engage with our customers and potential customers effortlessly. We can even analyze their sentiments towards our brand through reports.  We have multiple dashboards just to learn and leverage consumer insights.

sentiment analysis

We are building good customer relationships and providing excellent customer experiences. Social media is a pivotal part of any brand these days, and being in the health and well-being industry, customers and potential customers want to be engaged with us. They expect engagement and response from a brand’s end, and we are glad that we are doing that seamlessly on social media channels.

“Since Konnect Insights has all our social media platforms integrated into one place, it makes it easier for the team to reach out and engage with our active audiences without having to access these platforms individually.”