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The Automotive Manufacturer Driving Towards Satisfying Its Customers

The Automotive Manufacturer Driving Towards Satisfying Its Customers

An Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company based out of Pune, its footprint spans a wide range of industries: two-wheeler and four-wheeler, home appliances, lighting, iron, and steel industries. It is deemed as the fourth largest two and three-wheeler manufacturer.

They have branches in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the USA. The multinational automotive company was founded in 1926, in the midst of the movement for independence. The present managing director took charge of the business in 1965. Under the current managing director’s leadership, they have seen upward growth ever since. He is one of the most distinguished business leaders and is internationally respected.

Their primary objectives are to increase sales, invest in new product development, and enhance the customer experience. The central priority is insights-led smart innovation, also aimed at providing a world-class customer experience.

For a society, it is more than corporate identity. It is a catalyst for social empowerment.


Customer Service at its core!!!

The overall objective of the brand is to provide excellent customer service to its customers to increase the likelihood of recurring business. They want to support brand evolution as market dynamics change constantly.

To differentiate themselves from the competition, they believe it is crucial to devote resources to fostering product innovation and providing a superior customer experience. As a brand, maintaining customer satisfaction is its top priority.

They do so by providing them with products that are unmatched in the market along with world-class customer support. As a company, they work to ensure sustainability while also enhancing their customers’ quality of life.


Identifying the opportunities!!!

The car company has approximately 70 social profiles to handle across India. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep track of all handles in one place in real-time and manually gets insight into these social media profiles. Insights from these numerous social media accounts include how many conversations are taking place about the brand and what the sentiment of the conversations may be.

Understanding a full media type analysis might also be challenging for so many social media accounts. The brand wants to understand both macro and micro-level analytics about various products and dig down to the parameters that are being talked about in the market. Manually performing social media analytics to gain insights for interaction, the number of posts published, and so on might provide insights, but it would be restricted, and they would be missing out on a larger chunk of data


Empowered with technology

After being in the automobile industry for so long, the brand has recognized that what customers see is what they purchase. This is when Konnect Insights comes into play.

Social media has evolved into one of the most crucial forms of marketing. It is critical for a successful marketing plan to monitor how consumers react to postings and engage on their social media channels.

Buzz Trend

To better understand its clients’ social media activity, the business has integrated Konnect Insights into its social media strategy. They even used social analytics to gain insight into how their social material is doing.

They also employ social listening, which allows them to assess the sentiments of the conversations about their brand. Such insights are beneficial since they assist them in measuring customer behavior not just toward social media, but also toward the business and its products as a whole.


Customer Centricity Achieved!!!

Social listening is also an essential component of their social strategy. Positive sentiment, negative emotion, and neutral sentiment are separated. In response to such statements, appropriate action can be taken. Listening to consumer complaints online has provided them with several opportunities to make improvements and enhance their goods.

They learn about the amount of interaction their posts receive by using Konnect Insights. This is assisting businesses in gaining an understanding of what the audience appreciates and what kind of content causes users to make purchases. They may understand the demographics of their viewers by using analytics. Using this data, the business can align its strategies to better fit its target audience.

Sentiment Analysis

The examination of the share of voice is another key part of social analytics. Using this, the brand was able to learn what the masses are talking about in terms of the market as a whole and how many of these discussions apply to them. This data is useful for assessing not only competition behavior but also how clients react to it. Understanding the share of voice that their brand receives has helped them grasp the market relevance of their brand.

The brand can determine the sort of media that the audience loves engaging with by using Konnect insights. For example, they obtain data on the interaction their business received on two types of posts: static and video. Using this data, they can determine which kind is receiving the most attention. With this information, the company decides whether to enhance postings that don’t do well or focus on those that do.

Share Of Media

Being available to your clients at all times is critical in today’s industry. Companies must care for and maintain connections with their clients in order to compete in today’s intensely competitive marketplaces. This is impossible until you understand your target. They were able to do so by engaging with their audience directly from the tool in a timely and efficient manner.

The team also employed the automation features of the platform to aid them in their overall CXM. This automation come in handy when they need to optimize productivity. With all of the clients’ information in one location, it is simpler to comprehend and serve them more effectively.