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How An Automobile Brand Excelled At Their CX

Automobile Brand Excelling At Their CX

Automobile Brand Excelling At Their CX


They are the leading automobile industry not just selling cars but an idea. And has gone through many changes over the years, they are the Indian subsidiary of the Chinese auto giant. It was set up in the year 2017.

They started their sales and manufacturing in 2019 and currently have a network of over 65 showrooms across 50 cities all over the country. They launched their new model in the year 2019 and followed that up in 2020 with its electric SUV variant, India’s first pure electric internet SUV.

The brand started manufacturing for the Chinese market in the year 2017 and since then started its way into many international markets. With a manufacturing plant in India, and a plant capacity of 80,000 units per year.

Its marketing strategy evolved around clear brand positioning with worldwide coverage, the company is focused on customer satisfaction and brand awareness. They hosted a tech event that averaged 40,000 hits and skyrocketed to millions despite the heavy traffic the website functioned without any lags.



As a digital-first brand, it wanted a platform that would allow customers to have a good online presence, and ensure all customers are engaged and responded to. Another key objective was to provide an unbroken brand narrative across consumer touchpoints through consistency of content.

Scalability is another objective that they focus on. When it comes to technology their vision was to get a single platform through which they can seamlessly integrate applications.

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Customer experience is paramount which means going beyond just marketing ads. It’s also imperative that customers interact with the brand on any of its digital platforms and get a unified response.

In today’s market, it needs to be accompanied by new innovations and improvements, and how people perceive the brand is one of the key elements.

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1️⃣   In this environment of slow growth and intense competition, a brand has to be abreast of its competitors. To make a customer a repeat buyer they must engage and ensure all the requirements are fulfilled not just the part of the service but also how we respond to each customer on social media.

2️⃣   The face-to-face conversation has reduced and clients need someone to speak online on behalf of the brand, so it is highly important that they engage with their customers through campaigns and offers.

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3️⃣   The biggest challenge is the increase in online penetration, and consumers post their positive and negative views on social media platforms and expect the brand to respond. Hence being in the automobile industry they have to share, reach and engage with all future buyers.

4️⃣   The onslaught of the pandemic has changed the buying behavior of the consumer and buying a car is the least of the worries of any customer, as the market is opening up, the biggest challenge is to create engagements and respond in a timely manner, and the volume of queries and complaints which comes online for a brand to respond seamlessly.

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Why Konnect Insights?

Automobile companies have embraced the digital world, automobile followers discuss every little detail critically online and everything is noticed and talked about.

Konnect Insight offers a unified platform from which they respond to customers seamlessly without any delay. The major plus Konnect Insights offers is monitoring and social listening which helps in filling the gap and overall provides an end-to-end solution.

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With Konnect Insights they are able to get those insights and work on them. In this industry, it is very imperative that they engage with their customers, and know their preferences brands need to listen to them as well.

By their demographics, Konnect Insights helps them to get the right insight. Also, data which gets generated is huge, and zeroing down is not that easy task thanks to Konnect Insights which declutters and presents them with meaningful insight.

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Konnect Insights helps in getting the social listening and monitoring data in one place. It aids brands with a wholesome view of analysis and provides the right insights.

Not only does it help the brand, but it also ensures the creation of a positive brand image, provides meaningful data, and strategizes further actions.  Sentiment analysis is also one of the key drivers in getting tangible data to review their strengths, weaknesses, and business opportunities.

Konnect Insights’ online response management ensures brands are able to answer effortlessly all their queries, reviews, or comments with due diligence.