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Simplified Crisis Management

A Proactive approach to crisis mitigation

Powerful Crisis Identification

Listen to Your Audience During Crises

Listen to your audience across social media platforms ensuring you capture insights from diverse sources across the digital landscape.

Early Crisis Detection

Receive real-time alerts when unusual spikes in negatively trending hashtags or posts, negative sentiment, or crisis-related keywords are detected.

Sentiment Analysis for Crisis

Identify whether crisis sentiment is predominantly positive, negative, or neutral, helping assess the severity of the situation.

Audience Segmentation for Crisis

Segment your audience based on behavior, demographics, and preferences to tailor crisis communication and create targeted messaging.

Effective Crisis Resolution

Crisis Mitigation

Monitor social media and web channels to detect potential PR crisis. Implement data-driven strategies to mitigate the impact of negative events and protect brand reputation.

Brand Health During Crisis

Assess your brand's health in real-time during crisis, considering sentiment analysis, customer satisfaction, and overall online presence.

Competitive Analysis During Crisis

Keep an eye on how your competitors handle crisis to gain a comparative perspective. Uncover opportunities for differentiation and respond strategically to crisis.

Mobilizing Influencers

Identify influencers who have been brand supporters and plan a communication strategy using their influence and reach.

Crisis Features

Real-Time Crisis Monitoring

Monitor a wide range of online sources, from social media to news articles, in real time.

Gain instant insights into emerging crisis situations to respond promptly.

Crisis Leads Tracking

Track leads generated during crises to assess their impact on your business.

Identify potential opportunities within the chaos of a crisis.

Customizable Crisis Dashboards

Tailor your crisis management dashboards to focus on the metrics and data that matter most during a crisis. Visualize crisis data in a way that suits your unique needs.

Crisis-Specific Charts

Access specialized crisis charts and graphs to visualize crisis data trends.

Understand crisis-related metrics and KPIs more effectively.

Language-Agnostic Crisis Insights

Analyze crisis data in multiple languages, ensuring no crisis-related conversation is overlooked.

Overcome language barriers and respond effectively to global crises.

Industry Benchmarking for Crises

Compare your crisis management performance with industry benchmarks.

Set higher standards for crisis response based on industry best practices.

An all-in-one platform to unify your customer care and marketing insights
Achieve one view of the customer across all customer touchpoints
100% Coverage of public and authenticated private channels
Huge ROI with Konnect AI+ and Dashboards / BI Tools
A delight for your customers. A delight for your agents
Achieve omni-channel customer experience
Real-time and accurate reports with customized dashboards
High levels of Automation and Konnect AI+
Dump Siloed approach. Unify your customer experience
Multilingual and covers all written languages
Integrations with CRMs, Contact Center and many more
App Marketplace to connect with your favorite apps
Covers all social, public web, messaging, reviews and location data
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