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How A Telecom Entity Regulates The Industry With Social Listening

How A Telecom Entity Regulates The Industry With Social Listening

How A Telecom Entity Regulates The Industry With Social Listening

Telecom services are widely recognized as an important tool for a nation’s socio-economic development, and so telecom infrastructure is viewed as a crucial component in achieving socio-economic goals in India. As a result, initiatives to promote the spread of telecommunications services have been implemented.


Digital technology is being integrated into all telecommunications companies’ products and backend systems. Data, such as client and sales information, is digitally linked so that it may be controlled in a single database.

As a consequence, client contact is handled swiftly and with minimal labor engagement through the use of apps and messaging systems. A firm needs a data analytics specialist to save and get the largest quantity of data from each and every consumer in order to attain this level of proficiency.

 Digital Penetration

Currently, 70% are in the middle class, with approximately 40% falling into the lower middle class. Many businesses are concentrating their efforts in this rural sector, which is growing at a rate of 40% each year.

With a continual battle over who provides the best coverage, telecom businesses find it exceedingly difficult to compete in the sector. The best players in the market provide identical services, making it difficult for them to separate themselves from their competition. Telecom firms, on the other hand, may keep one step ahead of their competition by maintaining a strong social media presence.


The organization, which is a government entity, has been instrumental in the growth of telecommunication services. The entity is also responsible for various measures and policies that help the nation’s telecommunications services operate smoothly and within the right guidelines that benefit consumers.

The entity has a mission to develop a robust and secure state-of-the-art telecommunication network providing seamless coverage and thereby facilitating socio-economic development and repositioning the mobile device as an instrument of socio-economic empowerment of citizens. It aims at providing secure, reliable, affordable, and high-quality converged telecommunication services anytime, anywhere.

With this primary objective, it sets up a platform where customers of various telecom operators or ISPs can reach out to them for help with their ongoing issues. They would then have to escalate the cases to the concerned company and arrange for them to be resolved. Since customers use online channels such as social media to raise concerns, the organization needed to actively track these conversations and take the necessary actions against them.


They had to manage a large number of conversations on social media platforms where customers tagged/mentioned them on a daily basis with their issues, and they needed to take prompt action on these concerns.  They had issues in preparing the periodic reports daily/weekly/monthly as the tool they were using didn’t give them customized reports as per their requirements.

Their day-to-day reporting was manual due to the custom nature of the reports, which made it time-consuming. Multiple teams needed to collaborate on this activity to ensure smooth processes with prompt response/resolution


Social listening, or social monitoring, is a great tool for telecom and media companies to learn more about their customers’ perspectives on their brand, products, or services on social media channels. An effective social listening strategy leverages sentiment analysis around the topic of interest for their customers.

Escalation Overview

Leveraging Konnect Insights

Using Konnect Insights, they are able to intervene in the Tweets where customers are tagging the government entity for their intervention. They are able to assign the complaints to telecom service providers or ISPs and follow up with them to resolve the issues. Thus, handling large volumes of queries became easier and their teams were able to take prompt actions to ensure telcos resolved their consumers’ issues.

One of the major time-consuming aspects was creating customized reports that were needed for different periods, such as daily/weekly/monthly. Their current tool didn’t allow them to create reports as per their requirements, and thus they had to invest a lot of time in creating these reports manually. Using Konnect Insights gave them a lot of flexibility in reporting as they were able to customize their reports. This brought down their manual efforts day-to-day drastically.

Konnect Insights’ customized dashboards and the array of charts allowed them to quickly tailor the reports as per their needs, which were also easy to use thanks to its user-friendliness with no learning curve, allowing the users to focus on important things.

Multiple teams collaborate for effective response management.

The organization tracks the volume of tickets generated on a daily basis along with the pendency of complaints at the TSP/ISP end. They use Konnect Insights’ social CRM module for this. There are users from 11 teams, including their social media team, who are actively working on the tool on a daily basis to keep track of all customer complaints, escalations, and resolutions.

In spite of the telecom industry churning out a huge number of grievances on online channels, which seems to be growing year on year, the teams are still able to manage their TATs effectively by using the tool.