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Get ‘One view of the Customer’

Effortlessly Manage Customer Interactions Across Channels

Empower your brand to achieve the coveted “One View of the Customer” effortlessly with seamless interaction
management across multiple channels. Get all customer support tickets across all channels – social media,
web, app stores, google locations, call centers, chatbots, messengers and more, in one unified view.


Contact Information Management

1. Capture Vital Details

Easily gather customer contact information like mobile numbers and email IDs when they reach out on various channels.

2. Customized Contact Info

Tailor your contact info section with multiple fields to suit your specific requirements.

3. Centralized Repository

Maintain a centralized repository of customer contact details for convenient access and management.


Unified Customer Records

Seamless Mapping

Our system uses a mapping object to link mobile numbers and email IDs to the respective customer.

Merge Customer Records

When customers provide the same contact info through different channels, our system intelligently merges their contact records.

Unified View

Gain a unified view of customer interactions across channels in the conversation history section.


Enhanced Customer Understanding
Comprehensive Perspective

Get a consolidated perspective of customer conversations, regardless of their origin channel.


Better understand customer preferences, behaviors, and concerns to deliver highly personalized and targeted support.

Long-Lasting Loyalty

Use the insights gained to build long-lasting customer loyalty through exceptional experiences.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate Easily

Explore our marketplace for integrations with essential tools and platforms.

CRM Integration

Seamlessly connect with your preferred CRM system for data flow and synchronization.

Comprehensive Customer View

Ensure that customer data and interactions captured within our solution are seamlessly transferred to your CRM, enabling a centralized view.

An all-in-one platform to unify your customer care and marketing insights
Achieve one view of the customer across all customer touchpoints
100% Coverage of public and authenticated private channels
Huge ROI with Konnect AI+ and Dashboards / BI Tools
A delight for your customers. A delight for your agents
Achieve omni-channel customer experience
Real-time and accurate reports with customized dashboards
High levels of Automation and Konnect AI+
Dump Siloed approach. Unify your customer experience
Multilingual and covers all written languages
Integrations with CRMs, Contact Center and many more
App Marketplace to connect with your favorite apps
Covers all social, public web, messaging, reviews and location data

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