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Instant Delivery Service Providers Enhancing CX

As India’s largest online grocery store, it makes grocery shopping more accessible and convenient by offering an online platform accessible through the web and other digital media across 32 Indian cities. The business manages a network of over 10,000 partner stores to run a seamless supply chain catering to around 30 million customers every month.

Their growing ambition and perseverance describe their journey pretty well, as they revolutionized their market by delivering in 90 minutes, also bringing in the local kiranas under their brand umbrella, and modified their supply chain by adding 6,500 local service partners to solve the pick-up and distribution issues.

They have shown improvement amidst competition from new and existing players in the industry, such as, and have changed the hyper-local delivery startup through their smart and innovative strategies in the investor-led model and have also established their own warehouse and supply chain management.


Q-commerce or Quick Commerce brands aim for good customer relationships by providing high-quality, reliable services. Why does the instant delivery market offer 10–20 minute delivery services? They focus on changing the customers’ purchase behaviors and preferences. Q-commerce is becoming the major e-commerce model catering to the growing needs of customers.

Brands are aware of their digital presence and strive hard to reach their target audience through social media platforms. They run multiple online campaigns through social platforms, giving exciting offers and inducing people to download the app.

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In spite of so many challenges, this strategy gives them an edge over the existing companies. They aim to provide a quality user experience through brand awareness and customer engagement.


Instant delivery services allow people to choose from different options and get their products delivered in no time. It’s completely convenient and effortless for customers to get their work done. On the flip side, the biggest pros of such services are customer satisfaction and prompt response.

Brands face challenges as their USPs can be their pain points. For example, if a brand commits to offering delivery in 10 minutes, it’s great to hear but difficult to execute. If they are not able to fulfill their brand commitments, their social media handles will definitely get a shower of negative comments. Hence, it’s very crucial to promptly respond to each and every customer who is facing issues or dissatisfied with the services.

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Brands that invest in strong response management strategies have a powerful brand identity that makes the customer feel valued. Through online response management, brands can manage social media complaints, address queries in a stipulated timeline, and also ensure no customer is unattended.

Why Konnect Insights?

They started using Konnect Insights as a benchmark for comparative business insights and also response management. They are able to dive deeper into social performance metrics and can leverage that knowledge creatively. They can keep a pulse on how their brand is performing and keep track of their competitors. They use social listening to monitor customer sentiments. It’s an invaluable module that Konnect Insights offers for monitoring brands and competitors.

Listening to the target audience, evaluating what’s being said about the brand, and acting upon the derived insights can help brands achieve their goals and objectives, which can eventually help them improve their brand strategies.

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Konnect Insights gave them dozens of data points, from likes to the number of comments, reply times, retweets, shares, and more,  also paired with listening data. This analysis provided them with an unprecedented level of insight into customers’ buying behavior by creating a baseline target for the brand and its audience.

Also provides real-time data with accurate and actionable insights that can inform best practices and create a consistent experience across multiple accounts. Hence, instead of working harder, they work smarter by amplifying the social impact and ensuring the best response time.


In addition to having Konnect Insights, brands are able to break down silos while adopting a creative and innovative approach. They are dominating in terms of social engagement, brand posts, estimated post reach, participation, unique visits to pages, and more. With real-time updates on digital successes and awareness of the ever-changing digital landscape.

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