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The Bike Taxi Brand Driving On Insights

The Bike Taxi Brand Riding On Insights

Bengaluru-based bike taxi aggregator and logistics service provider is India’s most popular bike taxi service and has come a long way since its beginning in 2015. It’s India’s first and fastest-growing bike taxi app, with a whopping 25 million+ app downloads.

They have carved out a niche in the industry through hard work and determination. It is their continuous endeavor as a brand and as a service to reinvent themselves. They are now operating in more than 100 cities. They’ve had 10 million satisfied customers, 100 million rides, and 15 million registered customers, and the number has grown two to three times year on year.

They are here to reinvent comfort and convenience in intra-city travel with our innovative service concept. They recently extended their business from two-wheeler taxis to include a local delivery service (a person-to-person delivery service). They help both online and offline businesses with customer delivery.

Four in 10 of the world’s most congested cities are in India. They offer flexibility and mobility amidst the traffic, with underdeveloped infrastructure. Furthermore, they offer additional income to partners and families, allowing them to participate in the fast-growing app ecosystem.


Brand’s Idea

They came up with the question, “Why not bike taxis?” What benefits does a bike taxi have?

➡️   Quick

The quickest way to get somewhere is the most effective solution for Indian roads and traffic.

➡️   Accessible

Congested, difficult-to-reach areas? No worries. Speed through those nooks and corners.

➡️   Affordable

Light on the pocketbook, yet hefty on saves!

➡️   Hassle Free

Forget about the headaches of driving and parking. Allow us to handle this for you.


Brand Obstacles

The brand is in a space where transportation from one place to another is tough.  The Bike Taxi idea is a fairly new and quirky concept for the Indian market, where people travel from one to another through four-wheeler taxi service providers like Uber or Ola.

Being the most popular bike taxi aggregator, which means they have a lot of customers across the country and they receive a huge number of queries or complaints every day. Also, a lot of conversations or mentions keep on happening around the brand on social media and the web. They also received numerous reviews on their app as well.

twitter analytics overview

It is quite obvious that, as the concept is so new, people might find it hard to understand the process, whereas a company like theirs would find it difficult to manually be on top of all these things.

They noticed that their customers use multiple social media channels to reach out to the brand with questions, queries, and reviews. The brand faced difficulty in keeping track of so many things coming in from multiple sources. To better understand and analyze these conversations in order to better serve their customers, they required a channel to combine all this data in one place to work on it seamlessly.

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Brand driving with technology

The brand needed a solution that would enable them to effectively listen to its customers’ opinions and preferences. They required a method to extract useful insights from their opinions so they could analyze customer sentiment and determine their position as a brand in the market.

They also wanted a solution to maintain brand consistency on their social media handles. They required a method to publish content, assess its effectiveness, and draw conclusions from it in order to organize their marketing campaigns.

Using Konnect Insights allowed them to gauge the audience’s opinions, their brand identity in the market, and their promotional or marketing campaign performance. It was crucial because it assisted them in making improvements to their marketing plans that appealed to their customers and reached the greatest number of potential customers.

Content Calendar

Brand growing with data-driven decisions

The brand has majorly utilized the Konnect Insights suite for – Social Listening, Social Analytics, and Social Publishing. They used social listening to better understand the market performance of their brand as well as the preferences of their current and potential customers. Additionally, they were interested in learning how well their campaign had reached the intended audience.

The best way to increase brand engagement on social media channels is by posting customer-relevant content consistently. In order to seamlessly integrate all social media platforms into one location, they also used social publishing.  They would manage and post content on all of their brand’s social media accounts with ease. This gave them the ability to build consistency while raising brand awareness.

The brand has benefited greatly from Konnect Insights’ assistance in effectively and efficiently resolving customer issues. By doing this, the brand has been able to enhance the quality of interactions and engagement with its customers on social media. This has subsequently proven to be a successful strategy for enabling the brand to provide a customer experience that ensures market differentiation.