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A Global Technology Company Assisting Brands With Digital Transformation

A Global Technology Company Assisting Brands With Digital Transformation

The next-generation global technology company that assists businesses in reimagining their operations for the digital age. Their technological products and services are the result of four decades of innovation, a world-renowned management philosophy, a strong culture of creativity and risk-taking, and an unwavering focus on customer connections.

They are also proud of their numerous diversity, social responsibility, environmental, and education efforts. They supply comprehensive services across industry verticals to top organizations, including 250 of the Fortune 500 and 650 of the Global 2000, through their global network of R&D facilities and co-innovation laboratories, global delivery capabilities, and over 208,000+ ‘Ideapreneurs’ across 52 countries.

Today, businesses across all sectors are facing a crossroads. In order to flourish in the digital era, analytics, cloud, IoT, and automation must take center stage. They offer an integrated portfolio of goods and services across three business divisions in order to provide organizations with the most value from these technologies in order to further their business objectives. IT and Business Services (ITBS), Engineering and R&D Services (ERS), and Products and Platforms are the three categories (P&P).


Their Brand Objective

Being a leading B2B multinational organization, the brand wanted to be on top of every conversation that happened about them over the internet and on social media channels.

They wanted to keep track of everything that was happening or being said about the brand with regard to various aspects such as:

1️⃣   The organization, including its subsidiaries

2️⃣   Stakeholders and partners

3️⃣   Leadership team-especially the CEO

4️⃣   Existing and past employees

5️⃣   Mergers and acquisitions related to its clients

6️⃣   Events they participate or previously participated in

7️⃣   Campaigns of the brand are part of

What were the challenges they faced?

Being a well-known technology company, it was really important for them to know how the company was perceived “as a brand” in the market. Being B2B and working with many large companies as clients, they had to ensure that their reputation was spot on and they needed to be on the lookout for anything that would change their standing in the industry.

Tweets and Engagement


However, the main challenge of achieving all of this was to be able to get the right data from all possible sources, not only on social media but also across the web. They needed a tool that would not only offer this data to them in one dashboard but also had to be easy to use and get insights from this data. They also wanted to optimize their time for reporting these insights, which was something of a challenge.


Why did they choose Konnect Insights?

The global tech organization identified Konnect Insights, an enterprise platform that helps brands listen, evaluate, act, and become customer-centric. Konnect Insights is a big data-driven platform with its own search engine that crawls millions of websites across the globe and also captures social media data.

Facebook Engagement by Post Type


This ensures that they’ll never miss out on any conversation related to the brand in the online space. The multinational tech giant created a host of topics to track different aspects related to the brand, including but not limited to:

✅   The conversations around the brand and the competitors, which run through the campaigns

✅   The buzz around the brand

✅   All news related to events the company participates in

✅   Conversations happening on HR and other forums

They also created topics related to the COVID-19 outbreak and tracked conversations related to the pandemic and the brand. They used Konnect Insights’ social analytics feature to create dashboards related to their own social media platforms for analysis and reporting. Additionally, they also do competitor analysis to understand their competitors and the market to better plan their strategies.

Competitor-Wise Analysis

Since then, the company has created more than 15 topics and over 25 dashboards for analytics.

Konnect Insights is an omnichannel customer experience management suite used by the brand for social listening and analytics. It makes it simple and quick to extract conversations happening publicly regarding a brand, its competitors, and the industry, across social media channels and the web. Later, they use that data to perform analytics with a range of dashboards and charts to create detailed reports to derive actionable insights.

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