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Release Note

Konnect Insights Release Note – 8th September 2023

We are thrilled to announce the latest release of Konnect Insights, our Customer Experience Management platform. This release brings valuable enhancements and new features to streamline your operations. Here’s what’s included:

1. Generative AI on Publish Module:

This new feature allows brands to curate AI-generated text content for their social media posts. Simply click on the new “AI Response” icon on the Publish Module and enter your desired keywords. Konnect Insights will automatically generate a list of relevant text snippets, which you can then select and use in your posts.

Navigation: Login >> Publish>> Compose New Post >> AI Response.

2. IP Whitelisting

This new feature allows you to Whitelist user logins to only certain IP addresses. This can be useful for organizations that want to protect their data or prevent unauthorized access to their accounts.

*Note: This setting is only accessible to Super Admin. No other role will be able to access this setting 

3. Platform Identifier

This new feature adds a platform identifier to every conversation. This identifier will be displayed right under the profile picture, so you can easily see which platform the conversation is coming from.

    4.  Search Bar on Custom and Additional Info Fields

    This new feature adds a search bar to the Custom and Additional Info fields. This makes it easier to find the information you need, especially when there is a lot of data.

    5. Search by Post ID

    In our search filter, we have added the option to search for a specific post. For example: If you need to search a Twitter mention with the help of the Post ID, you can add the “Post ID” Syntax in the search bar.

    6.  TAT Summary Chart

    This new customizable report provides a summary of TAT (turnaround time) for FRT (first response time)/ART (average response time) and resolution for a desired time interval you want to monitor.

    7. One ticket View (Split)

    We’ve revamped the ticket management interface to provide a more streamlined view. Within the One Ticket View, you’ll find two separate tabs: 

    Public Messages Tab: Here, you can view and respond to messages that are publicly visible like Mentions & comments. 

    Private Messages Tab: In this section, you can view DM’s & inbox messages.

    This feature can be enabled from below

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