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Make Data your superpower with Konnect Insights.

Deep dive into all your analytics and derive actionable and decision driving insights

Better decisions with BI

Konnect Insights offers you the ability to go beyond analytics. With our Business Intelligence (BI) tools, you can infuse intelligence into your reports and dashboards, and derive insights that will help you take well informed and smart decisions.

Customise your charts

While Konnect Insights offers an array of pre-configured charts and dashboards to ease your analytics and data processing, that is not it. You have the liberty to define your charts right from scratch by choosing your parameters, filters, columns and output. Then create customized charts that you need to analyze and draw conclusions.

Create your own Custom Dashboard

Drag and drop any of the charts that we have from any module and create your own custom dashboards. Reposition and realign the charts, apply various themes and colors, write your own notes. Pick and create dashboards from our templates such as CMO dashboard, Sentiment Dashboard, Agent Performance Dashboard, Social Media analytics dashboard and many more.

Collaborate on Insights

Create tailored charts and dashboards as per your requirement. You won’t need to depend upon excels and ppts any more. With Konnect Insights you have all the flexibility you need to create visually stunning and highly insightful, custom dashboards. Easily share and present these impressive and interactive dashboards with your management and other important teams such as PR, Marketing, Customer service among others.


Analytics that is easy to comprehend, decision-driven and insightful

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