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Release Note

Konnect Insights Release Note – April 2024

1. Add Media to Ticket Notes And Ticket Responses:

Now, easily attach media files when assigning tickets or responding to customer queries, streamlining communication and enhancing collaboration.

Key Highlights:

a) Attach Media to Ticket Assignments:
Now, when assigning a ticket, users can seamlessly attach media files, such as PDF, Video, GIF, Image, Excel documents, to provide additional context. This enhancement streamlines communication between team members and ensures that all necessary information is readily available

Navigation: Monitor ➡ Tickets ➡ Click on “Assign to Someone” to assign a ticket to a specific team member ➡ Click on “Add Media” 

b) Attach Media to Ticket Responses (Agent responding from my task ):

Agents responding to tickets from their “MY Tasks” can now attach media files directly to their responses, facilitating clearer communication and faster issue resolution.

Navigation: My Tasks ➡ Select “Respond” ➡ Click on “Add Media”  

c) Attach Media to Ticket Notes:

Users can enrich ticket notes by attaching media files, such as screenshots or documents, to provide comprehensive documentation. This ensures that all relevant information is captured within the ticketing system, facilitating better collaboration and knowledge sharing among team members.

Navigation: Monitor ➡ Tickets ➡ Click on three dots ➡ Ticket notes ➡ Add media

2. Ticket Reminder: Popup Notifications

You can now set reminders for any ticket within Konnect Insights. These reminders will appear as pop-ups, ensuring you stay updated and informed about important tasks or follow-ups related to your tickets.

Key Highlights:

Users can now set reminders for individual tickets, ensuring timely follow-ups and task management within Konnect Insights. These reminders will appear as pop-up notifications, keeping users updated and informed about important tasks or follow-ups related to their tickets.

Minimum Reminder Time:

Please note that the minimum reminder time should be set to at least 10 minutes from the current time.

Navigation: Monitor ➡ Tickets Press three Dot on any ticket ➡ Select “Set Reminder”

3. Customizable “My Task” Escalation (Internal & External Users)


Define escalation criteria based on various parameters, ensuring prompt attention to critical issues and seamless workflow management.

Key Highlights:

  • Customizable Escalation Matrix:

Users can set up a My Task escalation matrix based on various parameters such as classification, sentiment, severity, media type, and custom information fields for different escalation levels and intervals. This feature provides flexibility in defining escalation criteria, ensuring that critical issues are addressed promptly.

  • Notification Triggers:

Escalation notifications can be triggered for My Task users, internal users, and external users, ensuring that the right stakeholders are alerted promptly when escalation conditions are met.

How to set up:

Step 1: Go to https://app.konnectinsights.com/CRMSettingsv2

Step 2: Fill the required details and activate notification

Note: This is only for “My Task” 

4. Facebook: Bulk Delete or Hide Comment

This feature allows users to perform bulk deletion and hiding of comments on Facebook brand posts, streamlining moderation efforts and maintaining a clean and professional online presence for their brand.

Key Highlights:

Efficient Moderation:

Users can streamline moderation efforts by deleting or hiding multiple comments on Facebook brand posts at once, saving time and ensuring a clutter-free environment for their audience.

Helps Bulk Delete Spam:

This feature enables users to easily identify and bulk delete spam comments from Facebook brand posts, ensuring a positive and engaging experience for their audience.

Customization Options:

Users have the flexibility to choose between bulk deletion or hiding of comments based on their moderation preferences and content management strategy.

Navigation steps:
1. Press “Monitor” > Tickets / All Messages
2. Use the “Filter Platforms” option to select “Facebook Comments”.
3. Choose the desired date range.
4. Click on the profile icon of the customer. This action will reveal action buttons at the top.
5. Select all comments using the “Select All” checkbox or individually click on customer profile icons for bulk hide/delete.
6. Finally, click on “Delete Comments” or “Hide Comments” to execute the action.
7. Once deleted or Hidden, The Delete or Hide option under Three dots will be highlighted. 

Delete Comment

Hide Comment

5. Enhanced Social Publishing (Personalized Instagram Thumbnails and Facebook Story)

This feature enables content creators to customize thumbnails on Instagram and post Facebook stories directly from Konnect Insights, enhancing their social media presence and engagement.

Key Highlights:

Customize Instagram Thumbnails:

Users can enhance the visual appeal of their Instagram posts by customizing thumbnails, ensuring that their content stands out and attracts more engagement from their audience.

Post Facebook Stories:

Users can engage with their audience on Facebook in a more dynamic and interactive way by sharing stories directly from Konnect Insights, enabling them to stay connected and share updates in real-time.

To customize Instagram thumbnails and post Facebook stories, use

Navigation: Publish ➡ Compose New Post ➡ Select Instagram/Facebook profile ➡ Upload Media ➡ Choose thumbnail from the Frame or choose from the gallery.

1. Custom Thumbnail on Instagram

2. Facebook Stories

6. Bulk Upload Custom Info Fields via Excel


Exciting news for customization! You can now easily bulk upload custom information fields using Excel within Konnect Insights.

Key Highlights:

  • Efficient Customization: This feature streamlines the process of managing custom information fields by allowing users to bulk upload data via Excel, saving time and effort for their team.
  • Flexibility in Data Management: Users can customize their information fields according to their specific requirements, with the option to set fields as mandatory or non-mandatory as per their data collection needs

7. Widgets - Sunburst Chart for Country, State, and City Data


We have added a new feature – the “Sunburst chart” – which allows you to view data at the country, state, and city levels with intuitive visualization.

Explore data at country, state, and city levels with the intuitive Sunburst chart, gaining granular insights into geographic trends.

Key Highlights:

Enhanced Data Visualization: The Sunburst chart provides an interactive and visually appealing way to explore hierarchical data, enabling you to analyze data trends and patterns at different geographic levels.

Granular Insight: With the ability to drill down from country to state to city, you can gain granular insight into your data and identify geographic trends with ease.

Navigation: Dashboard ➡ Press "Add Chart" ➡ Search “Sunburst CountryStateCity” ➡ Go to "Widgets" ➡ Add Chart

8. LinkedIn Analytics Enhancement: Brand Post/Ad Post Filter


A new feature that enhances your analytics experience on LinkedIn! Now, the Analytics Overview chart includes an option to change the brand post and ad post filter, similar to what you can do on Facebook.

Key Highlights:

Enhanced Analytics Control: Gain greater control over your LinkedIn analytics by easily switching between brand posts and ad posts filters within the Analytics Overview chart.

Granular Insights: With the ability to filter between brand posts and ad posts, you can analyze the performance of your content and advertising campaigns separately, allowing for more granular insights into your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

Navigation: Social Analytics ➡ Select Linkedin Profile ➡ OGear Icon on the first Chart (Analytics Overview)

9. Introducing the One Ticket View Button in Conversation History


Access the One Ticket View button directly from conversation history, simplifying ticket management tasks.Now, when you click on a user’s name and it redirects you to the conversation history, you’ll find a convenient button under the same tab to open the “One Ticket View.”

Key Highlights:

Streamlined Workflow: Simplifies ticket management tasks by providing direct access to the One Ticket View button from conversation history.

Enhanced User Experience: Offers a seamless experience by allowing users to access essential ticket details with just a click on the user’s name.

Authorize your email ID and explore the enhanced folder synchronization options within Konnect Insights.

Navigation: Monitor ➡ Tickets ➡ Click “User name” to get conversation history ➡ Click “One ticket view”

10. Enhanced Word Clouds: “2 Words” and “3 Words” Phrase Analysis

Description:  Users can now generate customized word clouds to identify phrases composed of two or three words, providing deeper insights into textual data.

Key Highlights:

  • Improved Contextual Understanding: By analyzing multi-word phrases, users can gain a better understanding of the context and themes present in their text data, leading to more informed decision-making.

Navigation: Dashboard ➡ Add Chart ➡ Widgets ➡ Search for "Customized Word Cloud" and Press ADD

11. Bulk Download from Tickets


Now, you can easily download multiple tickets in bulk with our new “Bulk Download” feature. Simply select multiple tickets and click on “Download” to retrieve the ticket data in one convenient file.

You will also have the flexibility to filter out tickets based on various criteria such as date range, profiles, topics, and ticket status (open or closed), allowing you to tailor the downloaded data to your specific needs.

Key Highlights:

Efficient Data Retrieval: With the new Bulk Download feature, users can now download multiple tickets at once, saving time and effort when accessing ticket data.

Convenient Selection: Users have the ability to select multiple tickets and initiate the download process with a simple click, streamlining the workflow for data retrieval.

Customizable Filters: The feature includes flexible filtering options, allowing users to refine their selection based on criteria such as date range, profiles, topics, and ticket status (open or closed), ensuring that the downloaded data meets their specific requirements.

Navigation: Monitor ➡ Tickets ➡ Click on the customer profile icon ➡ Multiple select and Press "Download"

12. Survey Customization: Background Image


You can now personalize your surveys by selecting a custom background image during the creation process.

Key Highlights:

Enhanced Survey Customization: With the ability to customize the background image, users can now create surveys that reflect their brand identity and aesthetics, providing a more cohesive and engaging experience for respondents.

Personalized Brand Experience: The new feature enables users to tailor surveys to match brand requirements, allowing for a more personalized and branded interaction with respondents.

Navigation: Survey ➡ Press "Create New survey" ➡ Select Image under Background Type ➡ Click on "Choose a file" and upload a file

13. Additional Filters to Narrow Down Search


We have introduced New filters to further refine your search experience. Under the “More Filters” option, you can now narrow down your search criteria based on specific attributes.

This enhancement allows you to filter out tickets that have been escalated, as well as filter by the status of email communication. You can now easily filter for tickets where an email has been sent, where an email reply has been received, or where an email has not been sent.

Key Highlights:

Enhanced Search Functionality: The addition of new filters provides users with more options to narrow down their search criteria, allowing for more precise and efficient searching within the platform.

Improved Ticket Management: With the ability to filter tickets based on escalation status and email communication, users can better manage their ticket queues and prioritize their workflow accordingly.

Increased Efficiency: By providing additional filters to refine search results, users can save time and effort by quickly accessing the tickets that are most relevant to their current tasks or objectives.

14. Enhanced TicketingViewMaster

This new feature enhances the grouping functionality within Ticketing view master, allowing users to group tickets based on location for Google My Business (GMB) profiles.

With intuitive filters and sorting functionalities seamlessly integrated, it facilitates efficient ticket processing, ensuring swift identification and resolution of pertinent issues. This customized approach not only streamlines workflow management but also boosts overall productivity by offering a unified system for organizing and prioritizing tasks effectively.

For instance, through Location-based Grouping, users can effortlessly categorize tickets based on geographical information tied to Google My Business (GMB), thereby enhancing data analysis and management related to different locations.

Navigation: Monitor ➡ Setting ➡ Admin➡ TicketingViewMaster

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