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Why do I need Analytics?

Intelligence to empower your business decisions

Build a data intelligence hub to empower your business decisions. Harness the power of internal and external data in one place. Gain insights on how you are faring on key metrics such as engagement, reach, content analysis, fan growth, demographics and many more.

More than social

Save time and stop second-guessing. Speed up data collection from channels like WhatsApp, SMS, Email, News, Google Play Store, App Store, Google Analytics, Google Business, Blogs, Review Sites, Complaint Forums, and more. Of course, we also cover the usual suspects: LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Analytics for All

In case numbers scare you, do not worry. Our analytics are beautifully displayed in dashboards that are easy to understand and to the point. Data-led decision making only happens when we make data easy to understand for all decision makers. Check out our dashboards here!

Track goal achievement

Break down your brand and sales targets into smaller goals and see how you fare every week. You can track achievement according to different cohorts so you can take action where you need to and learn from the areas you’re kicking goals in, Reduce risk with Konnect Insights.

What makes us the best at Analytics?

Beautiful Dashboards and BI Tools

Understand how your brand is perceived on digital media in under 2 minutes. Konnect Insights. Beautiful dashboards and business intelligence tools give you an instant bird's eye view. Our User Experience is intuitive. You just have to click top of the funnel data to get granular.

Swiftly Understand Share of Voice

Understand your share of voice, sentiment, media type, classification, social platform analytics for brand and competition, turnaround time reports and many more.

Share in seconds!

Pick what you want in your reports, wrap them in your brand colors and share them with your CXO. Automate daily reporting if you’d like! Konnect Insights gives you your time back.

How to get started?

1Create a Search Query.

2Map Social Channels.

BOOM!You are all set!

1 Create a Search Query.

2 Map Social Channels.

BOOM! You are all set!

Analytics Tool Checklist

Campaign Insights

Competitor Analytics

Trends Insights

Industry Information

Big Data Processing

Fluid Charts

Sentiment analysis

Dynamic Dashboards

Classification Analysis

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Why leaders love Konnect Insights

Konnect Insight's main USP is that it has an amalgamation of four distinct features. It was a blessing in disguise to have accidentally stepped on its website. The smooth UX/UI encourages any onlooker to stay put with the tools. Gaining Insights and generating reports has become effortless, we are happy to have chosen KonnectInsight as our Social Listening Partner.

JithinCountry Feedback Leader at Decathlon

Konnect Insights empowers my client servicing and strategy teams to analyse the impact of the work we do for our clients. The integration of analytics and listening means my team can manage their work efficiently and meet our client expectations.

Sabyasachi MitterMD at Fulcro World

Konnect Insights is primarily a professional web monitoring tool; but, like a Swiss army knife, it actually includes a few other full-fledged services as well:Social CRM tool: workflow and response management features; Analytics: brand, competition, and industry analysis; Social scheduling: easily schedule messages for your social profiles.

Lilach BullockFounder at Lilach Bullock Ltd United Kingdom

Konnect Insights has been a reliable support partner in our social media endeavours. The tool has helped us manage and map our social presence effectively. As a Consumer facing Brand with heavy consumer enagagement, Max Healthcare is very sensitive to the voice of customer. Konnect Insights as a platform has helped us understand it efficiently and helped us reach back to the people to assist them on multiple social platforms. Since last year when we first onboarded them I have seen the tool bring out new features to meet our requirements which are ever evolving and the team is very helpful with training workshops and resolving any issues.

Rohit GahlautAssistant General Manager at Max Healthcare

Social Media Marketing is one of the most cost-effective online marketing strategies for some time now. However, when comes the time to scale social media campaigns for your clients, you need something extra. You simply can’t dominate social media without a great tool in your arsenal. We evaluated quite a few solutions before finalizing Konnect Insights. It’s one tool which helps in listening, analytics, publishing and response management hence it perfectly fits the bill for us.

Ashish MohanCEO at COG Digital

The biggest advantage we see with using Konnect Insights is the hands-on approach of the team. They have taken into account our requirements and included the same in their product development roadmap. The platform is easy to use and has added to our overall social intelligence, and we aim to use the data we have to provide impactful insights to our clients.

GD PrasadSenior Account Director at Dentsu Webchutney

After scouting for a number of options, our team finally zeroed in on Konnect Insights. The coverage of the tool is excellent and the monthly conversations that we used to track increased from 10k to 50k for our brand. As an agency this helped us a lot as we could report well to our client. The analytics and dashboards are very detailed and helps us manage everything in one tool.

Inderjit Singh MatharuChief Operating Officer

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