Social Analytics at its best with Konnect Insights

Create your own custom Dashboards

Konnect Insights allows you to create your own custom dashboards by simply dragging and dropping the charts and resizing and realigning them in the way you want to present the dashboards. They are easily sharable and makes reporting very fast. Share live dashboards and not static presentations.

Power of BI Tools

Slicing and dicing of data as per your needs. In addition to the several readymade charts you can create your charts by selecting the metrics you want and selecting the chart type you want. These custom charts can then be exported to dashboards.

Social Intelligence like never before

For CEOs

Get a quick view of things that matter the most. Create dashboards for 360 degree view of the brand.

For Marketers

Take insights driven decisions by integrating all brand and competition social touch-points in one dashboard.

For Agencies

Save time on reporting even while managing multiple clients. Highly automated and effective.
Social Analytics at its best with Konnect Insights

You will fall in love with the beautiful dashboards and the ease with which reporting is done.

Experience the super-fast dashboards powered using Big-Data technologies