Enhance your CRM with a fully integrated Social CRM

The tool’s Social CRM features empower your marketing and response team to manage as well as build great customer relationships

Social CRM Tool - features

Powerful and intelligent discovery features

Identify brand advocates

Based on conversation sentiment, influence, reach and frequency of engagement, you can engage with those users who have the potential of turning into brand advocates.

Build a community of enthusiasts

Use the tool’s search-within-search features to discover tweets which espouse your brand’s personality. Enthusiastic users who share the same values as your brand can be identified to engage with.

Get Your Team Behind Your Social Relationship Management Efforts

Build a complete customer profile

Share Notes about the customer’s preferred time and mode of communication. Record Customer information like Company Name, Occupation, Email Address and Contact No in the CRM. Log key excerpts from offline conversations for future reference by team members.

Social CRM makes every team member accountable

Discovering each team member’s contribution is crucial for maintaining a strong customer focus and improving productivity. Actioned conversations are flagged with a green icon and those assigned to team members are tracked for calculating Turn-Around- Time.

fully integrated Social CRM
Social Publishing Tool - Dashboards

Turn-Around-Time Dashboards For Tracking Team Performance in Real-Time

Assess your team’s responsiveness

See how responsive your social team is by accessing the tool’s Turn-Around-Time (TAT) dashboards. Find charts that give you an overview of total escalated conversations and their breakdown based on sentiment and other metrics as well as their workflow status (Opened, Awaiting Response, Overdue, Work- In-Progress, Closed etc.)

Create benchmarks and keep tabs on the team

Set response benchmarks to excel at social customer service. Check team’s efficiency by taking a quick look at metrics which show exactly how many conversations were escalated, responded & closed and the time it took for the team to do so.

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