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What is one view of the customer?

With the evolution in technology, social media and web channels have become the preferred avenues for customers to reach out to brands. Thanks to the increasing availability and popularity of the Internet more and more people are spending time on the Internet. 

Social media and web channels have also become one of the key avenues for brands to showcase their offerings. From new launches to seasonal sales, these online channels are one of the most important places for brand discovery. This has made these channels one the most common places for brands to post queries and complaints for brands. These channels have made each and every customer an influencer for brands, making it very crucial for brands to ensure that they are able to seamlessly address each and every customer complaint and query.

Thanks to the easy availability of multiple channels, customers may try to reach out to brands on multiple platforms for the same issue. It is very crucial for the brands to ensure that they are able to satisfy customers irrespective of the channels they choose. 

Understanding one view of the customer

To understand this concept let’s consider a hypothetical scenario. Josh is a customer of a good delivery company. The food articles that Josh had placed an order for were not up to usual standards and this left Josh very angry. When he tried to ask for a refund, the company refused to do so without a justifiable reason. To take action against this, he decides to complain about it on his personal X(Twitter) account. This post gains a lot of traction and is noticed by the brand. The brand makes note of it and ensures that all of Josh’s issues are resolved. In a couple of days, Josh faces the same issue. With his issue still not resolved by customer support, he now goes and posts about it on his LinkedIn. This post too gains a lot of traction and is noticed by the brand. Now in the process of resolving his query, the brand realizes that they already have all of Josh’s details (such as customer ID, full name, contact, etc) from the previous interactions on X. They use this information without having to ask them from Josh a second time. Seeing this level of attention, Josh is impressed by the personal touch and decides to not make a switch to another vendor.

One view of the customer is nothing but a repository where brands can store customer data and ensure that they are able to provide a cohesive experience to the customer.

Benefits of one view of the customer

While Implementing such a process is a tedious task it has a lot of benefits when it comes to improving the overall levels of customer satisfaction,  let’s look at a few: 

  • Offering Consistent Customer Experiences across touchpoints: Once you have a robust process in place,  the one view of the customer enables teams to provide a cohesive customer experience that is consistent irrespective of the channel.  this process also ensures that conversations from multiple platforms are able to be tracked and responded to in a seamless manner.
  • Streamlining Communication and Tracking: When one view of the customer provides a very seamless process through which brands can capture conversations about them from multiple sources and respond to them in an  efficient manner.  this also ensures that no conversation goes unheard.
  • Enhancing Customer Relationships and Loyalty: Providing an experience that is consistent across channels boosts the overall level of customer satisfaction. A seamless experience for the customer enables the customers to perceive the brand in a more positive manner improving overall loyalty as well as satisfaction.

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Achieving a unified view

Achieving a truly unified view isn’t as straightforward as it seems, it involves implementing a lot of processes to ensure that the data is being captured in a meaningful and useful manner.

  • Data Integration from Various Touchpoints – Customers continuously use a lot of popular social media and web channels to voice their opinions. With the ever-increasing number of social media channels, brands need a program that is able to effectively track and monitor conversations from various channels within a single platform.
  • Customer Identity and Data Fragmentation – Different channels may have different data policies, making it very difficult for programs to make a repository for customer data with accurate information effectively. Brands need to consider a platform with a track record to appropriately track and maintain all conversations and customer data to enable agents to provide a truly seamless customer experience.

The way forward

With ever-increasing competition in the markets, brands need to be able to develop personal relationships with their customers. One view of the customer or a single customer view is one of the best ways of going about this. 

Having the ability to forecast and understand the customer can prove very beneficial in furthering the personal touch in every customer interaction. With customers wanting more personalized experiences, having One view of the customer is going to be mandatory for any successful customer experience effort.


From providing a seamless experience to enhancing overall levels of customer loyalty and satisfaction, having One View of the Customer has a lot of benefits necessitating it to be implemented by all brands looking to truly have high levels of customer satisfaction. 
While the process may include a lot of complicated details such as data integration, having a platform like Konnect Insights can truly benefit in having an effective One view of the customer setup. Konnect Insights has the ability to track conversations from all popular social media and web channels facilitating your ability to track all online conversations. With the one view of the customer, you can take this to the next level and deliver a highly personalized experience to your customers. Interested in knowing how? Book a Demo with our experts to learn how Konnect Insights can upgrade your customer experience management game

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