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How to build a robust Customer Experience Management (CXM) process

With new brands sprouting on a daily basis, making all markets saturated, having a superior product no longer ensures brand success. Customers expect a personal experience and high levels of satisfaction from brands. Brands are guaranteed customer loyalty only when they are able to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and highly positive experiences. Even a single instance of lack of customer experience can prove to be detrimental to the brand’s image. This is where Customer Experience Management (CXM) comes into play. 

What is Customer Experience Management?

Customer Experience Management is the process of ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction whenever a customer interacts with a brand. It encompasses everything from product quality to post sales service. It is the process of overlooking each and every customer interaction throughout the customer life cycle to ensure that the customer has the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

What makes a robust CXM process?

Having a robust customer experience management process can ensure high levels of customer satisfaction, lets look at what makes a robust customer experience management process.

  • Ability to track all conversations- With the ever-increasing popularity of web and social media channels, each and every conversation has the power to affect brand image. This makes it very important to ensure that as a brand, you are able to track each and every conversation and not let any conversation slip through the cracks.
  • Analyze Seamlessly- CXM analytics is one of the most overlooked aspects of any CXM process. The ability to efficiently track conversations and derive meaningful data from them is one of the most effective ways of keeping track of your audience’s sentiment. Analytics empower teams with the right information enabling them to make data-driven decisions that result in highly positive outcomes.
  • Respond Effectively- The ability to track and analyze all conversations about a brand is only as effective as the brand’s ability to effectively respond to all customer conversations. Fabricating appropriate responses for each conversation can ensure the resolution of customer queries and also show the audience that you as a brand, care about the customer.
  • Maintaining a positive brand image- irrespective of the channel is very important. The image that you have online is the way that new customers and prospects are going to perceive your brand. Hence ensuring a positive image can be very beneficial not only for increasing customer lifetime value but also for improving loyalty levels.

These are the basic constituents of a Customer Experience Management process that are required for it to be robust and successful at maintaining customer experiences.

Building a robust Customer Experience Management process

Now that you have understood what are the constituents of a robust social listening process, let’s look at what you can do to make your customer experience management process truly robust.

Understanding Customer Needs:

Conducting periodic customer surveys to understand feedback can prove very beneficial in understanding your customers. Customer feedback data collected must be analyzed effectively to derive meaningful data to uncover key behavioral patterns and preferences. 

Social listening can prove very beneficial for this. With an effective social listening setting not only can brands track all their social media and web conversations but also deep dive into their audience sentiment by understanding what is being spoken about them.

Mapping the Customer Journey:

Identifying all customer journey touchpoints including pre-purchase as well as post-purchase interactions and trying to understand how customers interact with the brand at these points. Understanding what are the customer expectations as well as their pain points. 

Understanding how customers interact with touchpoints during their customer journey can help uncover some key trends and patterns to improve overall levels of customer satisfaction

Creating Personas:

Segmenting your customers based on various parameters such as Age, Gender, Income, Interests, Pain points, etc can enable you to handle them individually, Crafting approaches targeted to a specific demographic can ensure positive results and better outcomes.

Tailored marketing such as personalized offers, marketing messaging as well as customer interactions can truly elevate the whole experience.

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Implementing Omnichannel Support:

This arguably is one of the most crucial points in ensuring a robust Customer Experience Management setup. Having a setup that is able to track every customer conversation irrespective of its origin can prove very beneficial in terms of maintaining a positive brand image. Customers may reach out to a brand or talk about a brand on a channel of their preference, as a brand it is your duty to ensure you are able to track and respond to these conversations.

Providing a messaging that is consistent with the brand voice across all channels can help elevate the customer experience. Manually ensuring an omnichannel setup is very difficult, having a platform like Konnect Insights can ensure you as a brand are able to seamlessly track all conversations happening on social media as well as web channels.

Measuring Metrics:

Analytics and metrics are the backbone for any successful CXM process. Having processes in place where you can measure and track CXM performance can greatly help in furthering your efforts. With the help of analytics you can breakdown what works and what does not and make data driven decisions.

Tracking KPIs like TAT, FRT, SLA can enable you to keep a track on your team and ensure they are working at the best of their ability and improving overall levels of customer satisfaction.

Invest In technology

The CXM space is ever evolving and it is important to keep up with the latest trends. Having a CXM platform like Konnect Insights can ensure you have the capabilities to tackle all your CXM needs within one platform. Powered with Social Listening, Konnect Insights can ensure that you are able to track all conversations about your brand, respond to to them and ensure high levels of customer satisfaction as well as improve your online brand image.

Having a Customer Experience Management platform like Konnect Insights can also enable you to improve your team’s efficiency and improve your customer experience process making it more efficient and effective.


While Customer Experience Management is an easy concept to understand, undertaking it is quite an involving task. It entails a lot of processes that need to be meticulously undertaken to ensure proper outcomes. From Understanding customer needs to measuring your efforts, it takes of lot of attention and involvement to  ensure that your Customer Experience Management process is truly robust and is able to face the challenges of ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction and engagement.

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