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Market Insights .

Can help you estimate the number of conversations and the resources required to be allocated for the same.

With historic data from as far back as one year can help you comprehend market trends and estimate future trends

This feature enables you to gauge the market sentiment for your brand as well as your competitors. with such data you can effectively understand what your strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats are.

This feature is a powerful benchmarking tool to help you analyze your competitor’s business practices. it allows you to gauge their market sentiment as well as be up to date with their latest market performance.

This feature can help you estimate the overall number of conversations that your brand is receiving. such information can help you be better prepared for the social listening process.

This feature can help you enlist various aspects of the business with insightful data and consumer conversations. This can help you make client pitches all the more effective.

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Dont let any conversation go unheard!

Quick Search enables you to:

Analyze trends

Gauge sentiment

Track conversation volumes

Benchmark with competition

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