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For Getting Started

$ 500/mo

3 Topics

5 Social Channels

15,000 Mentions

3 Users

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$ 83/mo for 15,000 mentions

$ 50/mo per Topic

$ 25/mo per Social Channel

$ 8/mo per New User

Standard Plan

For Brand and Competition Analysis

$ 750/mo

5 Topics

10 Social Channels

100,000 Mentions

5 Users

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$ 166/mo for 50,000 mentions

$ 50/mo per Topic

$ 25/mo per Social Channel

$ 8/mo per New User

Standard Plus Plan

For larger volumes

$ 1,666/mo

15 Topics

20 Social Channels

600,000 Mentions

10 Users

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$ 250/mo for 100,000 mentions

$ 33/mo per Topic

$ 25/mo per Social Channel

$ 8/mo per New User

Konnect Insights can offer you historic data from Twitter, Facebook pages and web (blogs, forums, news etc) for more than past 2 years!
Contact us and get quote to learn more about historic data.

Customized plan for Larger Companies

  • All in Standard Plus
  • More Mentions
  • More Topics
  • More Social Channels
  • Historic Data
Enterprise Plan

For Larger Companies

Customized Plan

Tailored for your team

All in Standard Plus

Social CRM

Dynamic Dashboards

All Tool Features

Historic Data

Brands that trust us

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Topic?

A Topic is a set of search parameters - a boolean query. Based on these search parameters you see matching results and analytics in Konnect Insights. There is no limit to the number of keywords you can add in a Topic. A Topic can be created for a brand, for a campaign, for industry tracking or for tracking an event.

2. What is mentions limit?

Mentions limit is the number of results you see in a month. You pay less for tracking less mentions and more for more mentions. Depending on the industry you are tracking the mentions limit varies. For e.g. automobiles industry could generate over million mentions but one brand in automobiles industry might be close to 100,000.

3. Can we estimate the mentions limit?

Yes. In Topics setup you can estimate the mentions limit

4. What is a Social Profile?

A Social profile is a Twitter handle, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Instagram account, LinkedIn company page

5. What discounts do you offer?

We offer 10% discount on our yearly plans and 20% if you pay for 2 years in advance

6. What is the difference between the free trial plan and the paid plan

All features of Konnect Insights are enabled in the trial plan. However, the data in the trial plan is limited to 15,000 results. In paid plan you get results depending on the plan that you choose

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