Konnect Insights Command Center

Analytics like never before. A 360 degree view of brand and competition

Stunning looks. A visual delight. The most beautiful looking command centers

Customizable and Actionable. Set it up in minutes

Available in different themes

Why Konnect Insights command center?

Beautiful design
  • The best in the industry.
  • A visual delight
Available in different themes
  • High level of Customization
  • Can be Customised to brand colours
360 degree view TV Dashboards
  • Covers Social Listening, Competition Analytics,
  • Agent Performance, Sentiment Analysis,
  • Campaign analytics, ROI
All real time insights
  • As it happens

Insights we can derive from command center

Ads insights roi
Overall brand health
Campaign analysis
Team performance analysis
Ceo overview
Influencers talking
Media analysis
Region wise analytics

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