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Healthcare Insurance: How Konnect Insights Fuels Digital Transformation

The Healthcare Institute Drives Customer Experiences Through Social Listening

Healthcare Insurance Transforms Digital Presence


In India, the healthcare industry has grown to be one of the biggest in terms of both employment and revenue. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of this sector not just in India but also globally. Healthcare includes hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance, and medical equipment. Despite this, hospitals and related services are frequently used interchangeably with healthcare, reflecting the dependence on these institutions that treat millions of patients every day.

According to IBEF, the hospital sector in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16–17% from Rs. 4 trillion (US$ 61.79 billion) in FY17 to Rs. 8.6 trillion (US$ 132.84 billion) by FY22. That’s more than a 50% jump in a p of 5 years, and surely the pandemic would have given this sector a further boost. The Indian government intends to dedicate 2.5% of its GDP to public health by 2025.

One of the top providers of comprehensive, seamless, and integrated top-tier healthcare services in India is pioneering in this space. With a network of 12 hospitals and 5 medical facilities in North and West India, offering treatments for all 29 specialties, they are one of the most trusted brands in healthcare and related services.



The age of digitization has dawned upon us. Each and every industry is heading towards social networking, and the healthcare industry shouldn’t be left behind. Traditionally, people preferred to speak to someone face-to-face, but now the role has changed, they consult online health websites. Hence, the online space presents excellent opportunities to engage with the customer, and being relevant in the social space is extremely imperative.

The objective of insurance companies is to financially guard individuals against unpredictable life occurrences. When an individual purchases an insurance policy, they make monthly payments, known as premiums, to purchase protection from monetary repercussions related to things like accidents, illness, or even death. The number of your premiums is based on your coverage needs, your personal history, and, in some cases, your age, health, and even where you live. The objective of an insurance company is to be relevant on social media and respond promptly to each customer, and ensure that all queries and complaints are responded to on time. The brand should also know what people are talking about their brand.

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Achieving the Highest Standards of Medical Excellence

The institution is dedicated to providing its patients with top-notch services as a leading healthcare brand with a network of hospitals. Assuring the brand’s commitment to establishing the highest standards of medical excellence is the fact that their hospitals are already NABH and ISO accredited. Due to their high level of customer service and attention to detail in everything they do, it is the type of care that millions of patients prefer to receive.

“The brand’s vision is to provide world-class healthcare with a total customer-service focus by building an institution dedicated to the highest standards of medical and service excellence, patient care, scientific knowledge, and medical education.”

Hospitals play a significant role when managing such a large number of patients, being primarily a customer-facing, service-oriented industry, and since it is a matter of the health and well-being of millions of people, which is a very sensitive issue. Making sure they fulfill their mission of providing exceptional customer service could be a difficult task for them. And to accomplish its mission, the brand depends on technology as well as its people and expertise.


Better Customer Service through Social Listening

A single customer complaint posted on an online platform with public visibility about a leading healthcare brand that deals with sensitive topics like a customer’s health has the potential to spread quickly across all online platforms, which is extremely worrying because it could harm the brand’s reputation and position.

Being present on social media is crucial for a brand that prioritizes providing excellent customer service. However, managing these social media escalations when customers use these platforms to voice their complaints seems difficult because each hospital under the brand has a separate team that handles complaints and coordination. This posed a significant challenge for the brand’s ORM team.

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✅ In order to overcome these challenges, they decided to resort to social listening.

✅ To monitor all brand-related conversations across the web.

✅ To have a unified platform that could help them resolve customer complaints across all online channels, be it social media or other public forums and sites.

✅To track critical scenarios and take proactive measures that would help them diffuse a possible PR crisis.

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The Healthcare Institute and Konnect Insights

The Healthcare Institute

partnered with Konnect Insights for their social listening and customer experience management-related needs. Konnect Insights offers extensive coverage for monitoring online conversations and tracking millions of websites as well as social media channels. This enabled the healthcare brand to be on top of every conversation that popped up about them in the online space.



Additionally, Konnect Insights was able to easily meet one of the brand’s key requirements for customer response management through its social CRM module. As a result of the platform’s simple and straightforward integration with the healthcare brand’s social media channels, the business was able to track and facilitate the smooth escalation of complaints received from various channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Business Reviews.

With the help of the platform’s more advanced features, such as the classification of conversations into logical categories, this was used to create buckets for their various hospitals and other brand-related events and topics. Utilizing the tool, the business has designated SPOCS across all of its hospital locations that handle the escalations in person.

Konnect Insights also has a detailed and thorough alert system that works effectively to catch any potential negative brand chatter. The brand has also been able to maintain a well-organized digital complaint management process and promptly address customer complaints thanks to this.

“By utilizing Konnect Insights, the Healthcare Institute was able to significantly reduce response times while handling a sizable volume of customer queries each month.”

One of Konnect Insights’ key benefits is that it makes it possible to perform in-depth social analytics of a brand’s social media channels. The Healthcare Institute also uses the tool’s user-friendly dashboards and charts to conduct additional analytics related to identifying the sentiments of the conversations, media-type analysis of the conversations, the overall volume of conversations, and analytics pertaining to its competitors, such as share of voice, etc.

As a single platform, all of this adds a significant amount of value for the brand and benefits it in various ways.

The Healthcare Institute Sets a New Standard for Customer Service

With its unwavering dedication to providing the best quality, medical care, and customer service across all of its hospitals and medical facilities, it is one of the most trusted entities in the healthcare industry. Delivering a comprehensive and delightful customer experience across all channels is reflected in the brand’s online presence and its constant endeavor of using world-class technology to become more customer-centric.