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Top Content Ideas For The August 2023 Marketing Calendar

One of the specific tasks of digital marketers is to find marketing opportunities every month. Each month has some special days that brands can utilize to reach out to their audience. 

If you are a marketer, you can use the promotional opportunities in August to create a content calendar. You can improvise the ideas that some brands have tried previously. The pre-existing ideas can be fine-tuned to make your marketing campaigns in August impactful. Some days can be used for branding whereas some days can be used to promote the products/services. 

In this article, you will see some inspirational marketing ideas for the August content calendar. You can use them in your August marketing calendar to impress your clients! 

Important Dates To Remember In August

Here is a list of some significant events in August for which creating content can do wonders. Also, take a look at some of the brands that were able to capitalize on these major days in their favor by curating incredible content. These are some days that brands should note down to understand August marketing trends and content marketing ideas:

Date Event/Festival
August 1  Respect for parents’ day | Black Business Month
August 6  Friendship Day
August 8 Quit India Movement Day  |  International Cat’s Day
August 9 National Book Lover’s Day | Muharram | Nagasaki Day
August 11 National Sons and Daughters Day | World Lion Day | World Biofuel Day
August 12  International Youth Day  |  International Elephant Day
August 13 International Left-Handers Day  |  World Organ Donation Day
August 15 Indian Independence Day
August 19 World Photography Day 
August 19  World Humanitarian Day | World Photography Day
August 20  National Lemonade Day | World Mosquito Day
August 21  Senior Citizens Day
August 24 Burgers Day
August 25th – 30th  World Water Week August
August 26  Women’s Equity Day
August 26  Women’s Equality Day | International Dog’s Day
August 29 National Sports Day
August 30  Blue Moon Day | Small Industry Day
August 31  Eat Outside Day 


How brands used these dates last year?

Now that we know a fair amount of days to celebrate in August, let’s check how brands used them in their August marketing calendar last year! 

Demeter Fragrance Library – International Cat Day 

Demeter Fragrance Library is a brand that creates fragrances on everyday objects and experiences. It is a family-owned business based in New York and has some great fragrances in its collection. 

Last year, they celebrated International Cat Day by offering a 25% discount on their Kitten Fur fragrance. As a marketer, you can include ideas like this in your August sales and discount campaigns. Or else, you can use such ideas in your August product launches

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Friends Cafe, Stamford – National Lemonade Day 

Some days are just meant for brands that indulge in a particular business. For instance, National Lemonade Day can be used by brands that sell fresh juices, brewed mocktails, cocktails, and any type of drink.

You can launch your own version of Lemonade and garner the attention of the audience by creating an impressive post! 

Friends Cafe is a Stamford-based business that specializes in cocktails, coffee, and mochas. Last year, they launched three lemonade-inspired welcome drinks for their audience. Each of these drinks had a unique flavor with a twist of lemon! 

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Independence Day

Independence Day is one of the most celebrated days in the country since India gained freedom on August 15th, 1947. Independence Day in India observes various cultural and national events that keep the Indian spirit alive in the hearts of billions of Indians.

Amul’s social media campaign around the 75th Independence Day of India saw great success after they came up with a touching yet hilarious Instagram post. The idea of “Sabka Fundamental Bite” was displayed in the picture – another great example of excellent wordplay.

There are numerous sales and offers during Independence Day. Thus, brands should prioritize their content marketing strategy to get the attention of the majority of users. This will allow businesses to spread the word about their products and services to the masses.

GoPro, Iceland – World Photography Day 

You can use different days in the August marketing calendar to boost customer engagement on your social handles and pages. On World Photography Day, which falls on the 19th of August every year, you can ask your followers to post their favorite snaps. You can also ask them to post their favorite pictures with captions and tag your brand name on every post. By going through all the pictures, you can decide the winner and offer them a special prize or deal! 

World Photography Day can also be used by professional and amateur photographers to increase their audience reach. They can post a stunning image of theirs with a catchy caption to get viral! 

GoPro, Iceland posted a stunning picture of the glacier on August 19th last year. It showcased how wonderful their devices are when it comes to capturing images in underexposed settings. They also encouraged their followers to share their favorite shots on their website. This not only improved engagement but also boosted their website traffic! 

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The British Wood Flooring Company – National Dog Day 

Dogs are our beloved pets. They can hang around anywhere in your house and make it messy. Brands can use the close bond that we share with our dogs to tap into the promotional opportunities in August.

The British Wood Flooring Company has expertise in creating and installing premium-quality wood flooring. They shared how to protect your wood flooring with pets around on National Dog Day. The special tips and ideas to follow while choosing and maintaining the wood floor were appreciated by all the dog lovers who saw this post. 

This is how you can include special days in your August marketing calendar. Brands that sell products can include tips and ideas for protecting them from pets. They can also boost engagement on their social media pages by asking the audience to share their favorite pictures. The pictures may include the dog and the product.

Now, see what the post looked and read like!

Lewis Furniture Stores – World Humanitarian Day

You do not have to be promotional all the time. Some days in August can also be used to show that you care for society and its well-being. World Humanitarian Day allows you to include this in your customer engagement ideas for August

It is a day on which we acknowledge the efforts of health workers, soldiers, or anyone who sacrifices their lives for a humanitarian cause. Lewis Furniture Stores acknowledged the sacrifice of aid workers on this day last year. 

A simple post with an impactful and emotional caption is enough to impress the audience. It instills their faith in your brand and helps you to gain their respect and support. Moreover, it helps to maintain your online reputation and perception in the minds of your followers. 

Check the post of Lewis Furniture Stores here:

Amnesty International UK – International Youth Day 

International Youth Day marks the exuberance of youth. As a brand owner or marketer, you can use this opportunity to inspire and motivate your younger audiences. NGOs and social welfare societies can use this day to promote their campaigns. 

Amnesty International UK is a charitable trust that fights for human rights across the United Kingdom. Last year, they published an inspiring post regarding the role of youth in changing the world. They also promoted their youth activist toolkit for those who are interested in starting a youth campaign in their school or university. 

As a marketer, you can use these ideas to update your August marketing calendar template. While there is no need to emulate these ideas exactly, you can always improvise and fine-tune them as per your industry. For example, insurance companies can ask the youth to get a health insurance policy before they become old. 

Check the post of Amnesty International UK to understand how it is done! 

Aquatica San Diego – National Lazy Day 

The National Lazy Day falls on 10th August every year. It is all about relaxing and spending quality time with your near and dear ones. So it is a perfect day on which leisure and travel brands can promote their services and offerings. Salons, spas, saunas, and resorts can also use this day to connect with their audience. 

Aquatica San Diego is the largest water park in San Diego, United States. Last year on National Lazy Day, they posted about their lazy pool. It is a perfect pool on which people can float and relax alongside their friends. So, they asked their audience to spend this day in this pool by offering tickets at discounted rates! 

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Happy Planner: National Book Lover’s Day

National Book Lover’s Day is an ideal occasion to include back-to-school marketing strategies in your August marketing ideas. Books reverberate the emotions that we felt back in our school days. So, creating posts that bring back those emotions can be a perfect inclusion in your customer engagement ideas in August

Happy Planner is a brand that sells planners, stickers, and journals online. Last year on National Book Lover’s Day, they published a touching post on books. The post said that the cure for boredom is books. Through this post, they also expressed their love for the quotes found in a back-to-school modern bookish collection.

These quotes are perfect for expressing the love of reading. They also asked their followers to comment on the name of the book they are reading currently and the book they want to read next. 

Get more ideas like these by looking at the post here:

Cal Women’s Swimming And Diving – National Women’s Equality Day

On National Women’s Equality Day, brands can talk about equal rights for women. They can also advocate women’s equality through creative posts on social discrimination, physical abuse, workplace discrimination, etc. 

It is not compulsory that only the brands that sell women’s makeup and clothes talk about the right to equality. You should remember that gaining the trust of women will help you grow as a respectful brand in the market. 

Cal Women’s Swimming And Diving is a group dedicated to women divers and swimmers. Last year, on National Women’s Equality Day, they posted a video of one of their teammates talking about equality. It encouraged others to voice their opinions on this serious topic. Watch this video here:

You can also work on influencer partnerships in August, to create meaningful and inspiring posts on such topics. 


These are some marketing ideas that you can include in your August marketing calendar. Before creating a content calendar, you must focus on the latest industry trends and practices. Alongside that, analyze customer requirements and expectations.

Leveraging modern technologies has been the norm for businesses across all industries for the last couple of decades. Those enterprises that adapt to technology in time gain the most. Today, social media is the one domain that can make or break brands. Hence, it has become more critical than ever to develop a proper content marketing strategy to produce content that will win the audience’s hearts.

As more and more enterprises continue to emerge, the competition for quality content will only rise. Hence, it becomes vital for an enterprise to build a fabulous social media presence to stand out. The good thing is that once a brand has gained a good number of followers, its best content will be shared by existing followers, and many new followers will also get to know about it.

The key to acing the content game lies in consistency and quality. Preparing a content calendar can help achieve this feat. When everyone involved in the content-creating process is aware of the schedule that needs to be followed in the coming month, they will also be able to plan everything ahead. This means more time for idea generation, creative writing, graphic design, and everything else.

Proper planning with excellent execution will allow the brands to deliver the message clearly, concisely, and creatively – and people will remember the message and the brand over a long period of time.

Social listening tools allow you to check what customers are saying through comments and posts. You can track their conversations to stay updated on their evolving preferences. Social listening tools also enable you to monitor the marketing strategies of your competitors. 

Konnect Insights is an omnichannel customer experience management suite that unifies the power of Business Intelligence (BI) and social listening. It is integrated with smart tools that help you manage customer data. Through the insights obtained from this platform, you can create wonderful posts and content ideas for August.

Also, you can track your social media campaigns and measure their performance using different metrics. Visit our website today and learn more about our tools and features! 

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