Social Listening Tools – Your Digital Hearing Aid to Listen to Your Customers


According to the Forbes, around 78% of the customers state that the social media posts of various companies do influence their buying decisions, near about 74% of the consumers count on various social platforms for making purchases, says another reliable medium and as per HubSpot the buying decisions for around 71% of the customers mainly depends of various social media referrals.

These figures make it quite evident that a majority of the consumer bandwagon relies on what they read and hear on different social media networks for making purchases. So, is your business listening? Do you have enough social listening tools to listen to your customer needs and complaints?

Social media tools for intelligent decision making

Probably, you are using various social media platforms to communicate and engage your clients and customers and make your online presence felt, right? Effective social media tools designed by reputed service providers like Konnect Insights can actually assist you make informed and intelligent decisions. And, also help you understand what the most effective courses of actions are to make your SMM (social media marketing) endeavors pay off. Such online brand reputation management tools are especially important to find out the areas that need more attention and to find out if or not there is any room for improvement.

Understand digital footprint with social media analytics tools

Digital social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest are brimming with loads of figures, data as well as statistics. Each and every time someone shares anything on a social media platform, a digital footprint is generated and with every view and share the data stream gets bigger and bigger. So, just imagine, how powerful digital WOM can get, if done in the right way. Cost-effective brand reputation management tools available with customer-oriented and reliable service providers help you get better insight into what’s actually happening and who is telling what about your products and services. The deeper are the insights, the better you get to understand your customers and try to resolve their queries and live up to their expectations.Social Media Monitoring tool- Konnect Insights

See what’s trending

You formulate attractive content for your products and services. Hang on! Content is unquestionably crucial. However, do you know what’s equally important? Viewer engagement is as important as content. In order to make people view and read your remarkable content, you need to make them come to your page. Isn’t it? Another important thing you need to find out is – what content is trending among the general public as well as your followers. How would you understand, if or not you are on the right track? social listening tools – the answer.

Social media tools to understand viewer behavior

Using social media scheduler tools help you get to know information like – how many people visit your website or how many people visit your social media profiles. Even if you use simple social media tools for social listening like Facebook, you can see how many visitors do you get and how many of them have engaged with those posts. All you need to do is keep a track on these figures and adjust your business strategy according to the need of the time. In this regard, social CRM software plays an important role. Such tools add a social element to what you perceive about your consumers and the chemistry between you two.

Good service providers like Konnect Insights also offer state-of-the-art online social CRM software to help you take care of your online reputation. You might be aware of the fact that it takes no time to get things viral. So, it’s better to stay prepared.

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