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Brands Leveraging Valentine’s Day To Market Their Products

Brands Leveraging Valentine’s Day To Market Their Products

Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year, has become a prime opportunity for brands to market their products.

Brands have recognized this trend and are using Valentine’s Day to connect with their target audience and drive sales. Various products, from heart-shaped chocolates to rose-scented candles, can be marketed to those celebrating this occasion. 

Top brands leveraging Valentine’s Day to market their products

February means the season of love, and several brands have started campaigns for Valentine’s Day. The main motive of these campaigns is to make their customers’ Valentine’s Day special and increase sales. Here’s what some brands have done in the past:

The Body Shop 

The Body Shop is among the leading cosmetic company in the world. The company launched a Valentine’s campaign to attract customers to purchase its products. It is giving up to 30% discounts on its top products. The best part of #lovefilledgifts is that it discounts pre-packed gifts.

Pizza Hut 

Everyone knows Pizza Hut. It is among the top pizza manufacturing companies in the world. It is giving a special offer for Valentine’s Day. Pizza Hut is offering a couple’s treat combo of Rs. 369 so loyal customers can enjoy pizza with their partners.


By merging the KFC Bucket and limited edition love rings in 2020, KFC Singapore and Deliveroo successfully brought together foodies. The firms involved in the campaign offered limited-edition rings to go along with KFC’s Valentine’s Day Combo pre-orders, with the campaign’s central idea being “everlasting love.” Special artisans created clay-based proposal rings with tiny chicken-filled KFC buckets and the Deliveroo emblem.

Deliveroo X Kfc Valentines 2020 (1) Deliveroo X Kfc Valentines 2020 (2) Deliveroo X Kfc Valentines 2020 (3)


Third Wheel Kevin is one of the funniest Valentine’s Day advertisements. This video highlighted the challenges of a “third wheel” (i.e., the third single individual who hangs out with one or more couples). The satirical advertisement, a documentary on Kevin’s life, is 100% relatable for single and non-single clients, with a comic, ironic, and slightly nihilistic critique of single life. Deliveroo’s Third-Wheel Meal Deal is a meal for all single people who are surrounded by couples and could use some love in their lives.


For its 2020 Valentine’s Day campaign, Twitter went with one of the oldest forms of advertising—billboards! The advertisements featured tweets from users who had posted their opinions about this holiday on the platform. Most of them were snarky and not at all romantic. The fact that this ad was created from a real-life source means that most of the audience would relate.

An escalator in front of a screen with tweets displayed on them image

Frankie & Benny’s

Who doesn’t enjoy paying homage to renowned movie classics? The restaurant company used Instagram to publish a carousel post, which included a number of movie parodies. Frankies & Benny’s imitated some movies, including Lady and the Tramp and When Harry Met Sally, challenging their audience to guess which ones they were. This social media strategy enhanced the company’s reputation and produced an engaging environment for consumer interaction.

Burger King

Despite being among the oldest campaigns on our list, it is evergreen. The iconic Kids Meals served by Burger King were used as the basis for this company’s all-time favorite Valentine’s Day marketing campaign, which also included a unique gift. For this particular day, the restaurant would provide an engaging, festive adult toy for those who ordered the adult meal after 6 p.m. Although the video is brief and unobtrusive, it conveys the intended message.


Over the years, the Doritos brand has run several intriguing ads. For the big day, celebrity influencer couples would wear limited edition two-person jumper sweaters designed by Doritos to promote hot wings and ranch flavors. Similarly, Doritos Canada sent roses to customers on Valentine’s Day to commemorate the most romantic day of the year. This time, the ketchup flavor was the star, and the business urged customers to use Doritos to create a bouquet of roses. Their website, advertised through multiple media (digital, social, and video), provided instructions for users to make floral arrangements.

Top tips to market products on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day allows businesses to show their customers love and appreciation while also growing their brand. Companies can effectively leverage the holiday to drive sales and build brand loyalty by putting thought and creativity into their marketing efforts. The following tips can also help brands earn profits during Valentine’s Week.

Offers and special discounts

Several big brands have special offers and discounts for this day. It is a primary brand strategy to attract customers during Valentine’s Day. The first step in developing a Valentine’s Day strategy should be to define the types of giveaways, discounts, promotional deals, and offers that will drive engagements, downloads, and ROI. Marketers must determine which deals will help them achieve their long-term objectives the most. For example, those who want to drive installs or downloads can offer customers exclusive in-app giveaways and discounts.

Run a social media campaign

Most businesses still ignore social media. But no one can deny that social media is the platform where we can attract thousands of targeted customers. Running a social media campaign is among the most successful ways to market products on Valentine’s Day. Let us understand how a social media campaign can market our product on Valentine’s Day. Tiffany’s created a mini-site where customers could choose and customize a tattoo that could be used as an Instagram sticker. A classic tattoo style inspired each design, and Tiffany’s encouraged customers to create their own and share it with #BelieveInLove.

Celebrate all kinds of love

Indeed, Valentine’s Day is for couples and romance, but if a brand deals with products for non-couples, we recommend running a campaign that celebrates all kinds of love. As a brand, this presents an opportunity to connect with the target audience and create an authentic connection. For example, if we sell pet supplies, we could launch a campaign focusing solely on the bond between pets and their owners.

Influencer marketing

Influence marketing has become a trending way to promote a product. We all know that social media influencers have millions and millions of followers who trust them. Influencer marketing is a way to promote products through social media influencers. Brands can use influencer marketing to drive growth, increase brand awareness, and enhance brand loyalty. If we have a premium service on our app, we can give influencers access to our entire user experience in exchange for sharing their experience on their social media channels. This approach can be used to promote our Valentine’s Day giveaways and other similar promotional offers.

Promoting seasonal products

Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is a season of love. Promoting products related to a season is the best way to promote a product. Valentine’s Day conjures images of red hearts, glitter, and roses. This distinguishes it from other seasonal holidays and is a strong selling point. Even if a brand doesn’t have any particular Valentine’s Day products, it can browse through its current product catalog and handpick relevant items that work.

Use SMS marketing

SMS marketing is also a creative way to promote products during the season of love. By sending conversational texts to existing customers, brands can show them they care. Brands can offer a special discount on several Valentine’s Day-themed items, particular product categories, or the entire store.

While there are many ways to convey this message, SMS marketing is becoming increasingly popular to engage customers with relevant offers; in fact, the open rate for SMS messages is an astounding 98%!

Create a unique campaign for the season of love

Valentine’s Day has become popular for businesses to market their products and increase sales. By leveraging the theme of love and romance, companies can create special promotions and packages to appeal to consumers. From chocolates and flowers to jewelry and personalized gifts, there are a variety of products that can be marketed for the occasion. 

However, companies must remember that consumers look for genuine and authentic experiences on Valentine’s Day. Simply adding a heart or “Happy Valentine’s Day” tagline to a product is not enough to make a lasting impression. Brands should aim to create unique and meaningful experiences that align with their values and resonate with their target audience.

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