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Top 6 Alternatives To Sprinklr & Competitors in 2024

In 2023, the total number of people who use social media across the world reached a staggering figure of 4.89 billion. Most people spend hours on social media every day. 

Therefore, in the rapidly evolving landscape of digital marketing, businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of social media for brand management and customer engagement.

Social media marketing has been revolutionized by individual marketers and marketing firms. 

Sprinklr is a popular platform for brands. 

However, other platforms are being adopted by leading brands to enhance their CX and marketing efforts, and here are the top alternatives to Sprinklr when it comes to understanding customer insights and managing social media conversations:

1. Konnect Insights  

Konnect Insights has emerged as one of the leading customer experience management platforms with global brands migrating to it. Its unique platform helps you manage customer relationships while also gaining marketing insights. Some of the key features that make it a better alternative than other customer management platforms are given below:

a. Market Intelligence

With Konnect Insights, you can collect and analyze customer data across the web and social media apps. With real-time market intelligence, you can shape your business and marketing strategies. 

Understanding customer sentiments, SOV (Share of Voice), and demographics becomes much easier with its social listening capabilities. 

b. Community Engagement 

Konnect Insights lets you view all the conversations related to your brand in the form of tickets. It gives you insights regarding customer history, influencers related to your niche, your followers on social media, and more. Therefore, community engagement becomes much more seamless with platforms like these. 

c. Single View of Customers 

With Konnect Insights, having all the customer data in one place is possible. It gives you a holistic view of your customers and enables you to track their conversations minutely. The query history, customer demographics, and other details help avoid customer duplicacy. 

d. Social Analysis 

By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your brand, you can orchestrate your social media strategies. Your content strategies can be refined by understanding the pain points of your customers using social listening tool

By understanding the peak hours during which your customers are active, you can plan the timing of your social media campaigns and product launches. Your brand messaging can be much more relevant and engaging with the powerful messaging tools offered by this platform. 

e. Social Publishing 

Scheduling and publishing social media posts is much easier when you have access to platforms like Konnect Insights. You can manage your content across multiple social media pages and accounts. Previewing the content, checking the year-round content calendar, and fine-tuning posts on the go are possible with its tools. 

f. Analyzing Customer Reviews 

Sending survey forms to check whether your customers are satisfied with your services is possible with platforms like Konnect Insights. You can also research the market and see what your customers say about your brand, products/services. 

g. Crisis Management 

Identifying crises is much easier when you can access customer conversations in real time. With Konnect Insights, you can use hashtags, keywords, and other metrics to analyze customer conversations in real-time. 

When you get alerts of a social media crisis in real time, you can take quick actions to prevent further escalation. You can choose whether you want to be notified via emails or mobile app messages. With the help of social analytics, you can create a proper crisis-action plan to save your social reputation. 

Responding to customer queries in real time gives you a detailed understanding of their grievances. You can effectively prevent and polish your social image by resolving a crisis. 

2. Meltwater

Meltwater’s robust media monitoring capabilities set it apart. Businesses can maintain a real-time understanding of their online presence by tracking brand mentions across diverse channels, including social media, news articles, and blogs. This feature is crucial for timely responses to customer feedback and crisis management.

One standout feature of Meltwater is its media monitoring capabilities. It allows organizations to track mentions of their brand across various online and offline channels, including social media, news articles, blogs, and more. By keeping a pulse on brand mentions, companies can respond promptly to customer feedback or address any potential crises that may arise.

3. Brandwatch

Brandwatch’s emphasis on meaningful data visualizations can be a notable strength for brands. Interactive dashboards and customizable reports empower businesses to navigate through extensive datasets effortlessly. Its focus on visualization enhances the user experience and allows for the efficient extraction of actionable insights.

The platform excels in sentiment analysis, allowing businesses to track how the sentiment towards their brand evolves. By identifying shifts in sentiment for specific products or campaigns, companies can promptly respond to negative feedback or capitalize on positive sentiment, contributing to improved brand management.

4. Oktopost

Oktopost is a social media management platform specifically designed for B2B companies. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools that enable businesses to manage, monitor, and analyze their social media presence, focusing on lead generation and customer engagement.

One key feature of Oktopost is its ability to track social media conversions. Oktopost provides businesses with valuable insights into how their social media efforts contribute to lead generation and revenue growth by integrating with popular marketing automation platforms such as Marketo, Salesforce, and HubSpot. This level of visibility allows companies to optimize their campaigns and allocate resources effectively.

5. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a social media management software that is designed to provide ease of communication with customers. It also comes with publishing, reporting, and social media monitoring tools. With Agorapulse, marketing teams can collaborate fluently without any issues.

The unified social inbox offered by this software allows you to manage social media messages. It also tracks social media reviews and comments on the go. So, it is also useful for keeping track of your online reputation. 

6. HubSpot

While not solely focused on social media management, HubSpot’s Sales CRM deserves mention as it provides comprehensive tools for managing customer relationships and driving sales. With its integrated sales and marketing automation approach, HubSpot offers a powerful solution for businesses looking to align their social media efforts with their overall sales strategy.

One key feature of HubSpot’s Social Sales CRM is its email tracking functionality. This allows businesses to track when recipients open and click their emails. By gaining visibility into email engagement metrics, sales teams can prioritize follow-ups based on customer interest and intent. This level of insight helps streamline the sales process and improve conversion rates.


One of the best alternatives to Sprinklr is Konnect Insights, a powerful social media listening and analytics platform that unifies customer experience management. With its advanced AI-powered algorithms, Konnect Insights enables businesses to monitor conversations across various social media platforms in real time. By tracking relevant keywords and hashtags, companies can gain valuable insights into what their customers say about their brand and industry.

Apart from these features, Konnect Insights is one platform that allows you to view all the customer conversations from a single place. With it, you can track all your social media apps, web, emails, news, blogs, forums, review sites, and even channels such as calls, and chats through integration and manage customer conversations seamlessly. Check Konnect Insights today and learn how it can revamp your customer management strategies to improve your brand image! 

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