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100% Coverage of Brand public data, Authenticated Private channels and Competitor’s public data

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Listen to your Customers, Learn from them, Engage with them and Make them Happier

A central product for your brand

Listen. Evaluate. Act.

Listen to online web, Social Media and a lot more

Do not miss out on any conversation anywhere on the web. Listen to your customer's voice, engage with them and make them happier

Get Market Intelligence

Analyze customer data from anywhere on the web and social media. Get real-time market intelligence. Fine-tune your strategies and make valuable business decisions

Learn from your customers

Understand sentiment, share of voice, media type, classification, influence, demographics, campaign insights.With great dashboards and smart suggesttion (KISS) reports.

Competitor's/Industry benchmarking

See how you are faring against your competition. Understand what is working for them and what is working against them. Understand global trends with support for over 190 languages

Conversations as Tickets

View all conversations related to your brand in the form of support tickets, which give you a detailed overview of the customers and their queries in terms of history, analytics, followers, and influence. Based on this, you can define priorities for response management

Escalations & auto assignment

You have the flexibility to check with external teams who are not a part of the tool regarding responses through email escalations by adding the conversation details. You can also auto-assign queries to appropriate users/groups based on the rules you define, thus reducing time

Impact measurement

Get a complete view of all the tickets that are at various stages of resolution, check TAT scores, and identify areas that need more action. Measure the impact by analyzing the difference in sentiment based on your efforts

Automation and workflows

Workflows and automation such as queuing, ticket history, auto-assignment and classification, draft templates, and many more to ensure your agents are empowered to respond to and resolve queries in a timely manner

Agent performance

Track and measure How are your agents performing with various TAT reports and SLAs to be able to identify the hits and misses and ensure the right actions are taken in terms of agent productivity?

One view of the customer

Have all your customer query data points, including web and social, in one place to be able to have a holistic view of the customer, including the query history, details, etc, and use this information for better CXM

Analytics and Benchmarking

With over 700 charts covering various aspects of listening, social media analytics, competitor analytics, and agent performance reports, you get a comprehensive and holistic view of your brand's perception and performance in terms of customer experience management and marketing

KISS - Konnect Insights Smart Suggestions

In simple plain English, understand complex metrics that are easy to remember. Insights are presented in a way humans speak and with the right pictures. Understand what has worked for you and get suggestions on what will work for you with AI-powered smart suggestions

Content Strategy

With all your insights in one platform, identify trends, pain points, hits and misses, moments when your audience is active, and much more to quickly shape align messaging into consumer-relevant and engagement-driven

Social Media Management

Easily and effectively publish or schedule posts on social media across multiple channels and multiple accounts, simultaneously, preview them on different devices, and check them out on a content calendar for a 360-degree view of all your posts

Approval process

Ensure the right and correct content goes live on social media channels using the approval-rejection feature, facilitating easy collaboration between brands, agencies, and teams for the right representation of the brand

Creative Asset Library

Pre-save all your content, including text and media, in the creative asset library. Easily pick them up for publishing and scheduling, giving your design and content teams the flexibility to plan and execute your campaigns and festivals

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

If your customers are really satisfied, Send Csat-Customer Satisfaction Surveys that are linked to your customer care module and learn from your customers about the agent's performance

Link to Social Listening

Get the best ideas from those who matter the most—your customers. Analyze all insights in unified dashboards with classifications created for social listening

Market Research

Expand your market research capabilities to keep track of your brand, test your ideas, or get a gut check with your target audience. Share learning across your organization

Customised Dashboards

Create dashboards for various stakeholders by simply dragging and dropping charts from the chart library or charts created from BI tools. Bring in your external data sources too to create dashboards

Create your own charts

Create any type of chart using advanced features such as pivoting, defining your own filters, columns, dimensions, and measures, which are completely tailored to your needs while going granular, equipping you with intelligent insights for better business decisions

Flexible reporting

Shareable and collaborative dashboards and charts with the ability to add your own notes or inferences. You won't find the need to download data in excel spreadsheets or make ppts. Save time and share live dashboards

Themes and Brand colors

Create your own themes to match your brand colors. Or define chart colors to match the brand and competition. Use various color palettes to make visually stunning dashboards

Identify crisis

Ensure you are aware of any impending crisis that could affect your brand and be ready for it. Use keywords, hashtags and other parameters such as follower count, to monitor situations that can lead to crisis

Get notified real time

Once you have defined the parameters to identify crises, you will get real time alerts based on them. You can ensure that you don't miss out on these notifications by choosing to be alerted on mobile apps and/or email

Take Action

Prepare a crisis management and mitigation plan by looking at analytics and data. Respond to queries in real time and use workflows to enhance their productivity and TATs and identify and mobilise influencers to counter crises

Konnect Insights
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Why Leading Brands Choose Us

Unified omni-channel platform

Unified reporting across all customer touchpoints

Enterprise partner of social media platforms


Konnect with 1000+ apps.

Best-in-class dashboards and BI tools

Quick implementation and highly scalable

One view of the customer across all touchpoints

Built on top of AI

User delight and customer happiness

GDPR, ISO, SOC2, HIPAA compliant

Plug and play integration with CRMs, contact centers, etc.

94% year on year retention. Once a Konnector always a Konnector

Guy Hawkins

Todd Nilson

Clocktower Advisors- President

Konnect Insights is incredibly powerful! I have been actively using the platform for some time now and what has impressed me the most is the in-depth reporting from social listening across channels. You can really dig in and gain actionable insights to deepen connection with your followers. The publishing tools are excellent, too.
Ralph Edwards

Inderjit Singh


After scouting for a number of options, our team finally zeroed in on Konnect Insights. The coverage of the tool is excellent and the monthly conversations that we used to track increased from 10k to 50k for our brand. As an agency this helped us a lot as we could report well to our client. The analytics and dashboards are very detailed and helps us manage everything in one tool.
Guy Hawkins


Tangram Consulting- Marketing & Social Media Manager

Konnect Insights is proving to be essential to my job - right from getting exhaustive coverage for my clients to being able to manage their reputation by responding to customer queries. Most importantly I find it to be intuitive, so if there is anything that I haven't been shown I can generally figure it out for myself. It is the best software of its kind that I have ever used."
Cameron Williamson

Sabyasachi Mitter

Fulcro World- MD

Konnect Insights empowers my client servicing and strategy teams to analyse the impact of the work we do for our clients. The integration of analytics and listening means my team can manage their work efficiently and meet our client expectations.
Annette Black

Ashish Mohan

Cog Digital- CEO

Social Media Marketing is one of the most cost-effective online marketing strategies for some time now. However, when comes the time to scale social media campaigns for your clients, you need something extra. You simply can’t dominate social media without a great tool in your arsenal. We evaluated quite a few solutions before finalizing Konnect Insights. It’s one tool which helps in listening, analytics, publishing and response management hence it perfectly fits the bill for us.
Guy Hawkins

Maria Carvalho

Cuemath- Associate Manager Marketing

Konnect Insights has been a very helpful 360-degree tool for our marketing and customer support teams. It helped understand the current market sentiments towards our brand and to create effective strategies around it. The best feature of this tool would be their Reports Dashboard that has a vast variety of data charts that can be used to create reports and presentations whenever needed.
Guy Hawkins


Decathlon- Country Feedback Leader

Konnect Insights' main USP is that it has an amalgamation of multiple modules. It was a blessing in disguise to have accidentally stepped on its website. The smooth UX/UI encourages any onlooker to stay put with the tools. Gaining Insights and generating reports has become effortless, we are happy to have chosen Konnect Insights as our Social Listening Partner.
Guy Hawkins

Kye Hush

Tangram Consulting- Senior Consultant

Everything about Konnect Insights is classy and neat. I have used multiple SaaS products in analytics, marketing automation, CRMs, ticketing platforms. But when it come to UI / UX the best one is Konnect Insights. Love the rich dashboards, themes and even simple data entry forms. It gives you a very rich feel.
Guy Hawkins

Rohit Gahlaut

Max Healthcare- Assistant General Manager

Konnect Insights has been a reliable partner in our social media endeavours. The tool has helped us manage and map our social presence effectively. As a Consumer facing Brand with heavy consumer enagagement, Max Healthcare is very sensitive to the voice of customer. Konnect Insights as a platform has helped us understand it efficiently and helped us reach back to the people to assist them on multiple social platforms. Since last year when we first onboarded them I have seen the tool bring out new features to meet our requirements which are ever evolving and the team is very helpful with training workshops and resolving any issues.
Jacob Jones

Lilach Bullock

Lilach Bullock Ltd- Founder

Konnect Insights is primarily a professional social listening and monitoring tool; but, like a Swiss army knife, it actually includes a few other full-fledged services as well:Social CRM tool: workflow and response management features; Analytics: brand, competition, and industry analysis; Social scheduling: easily schedule messages for your social profiles.
Ronald Richards

GD Prasad

Dentsu Webchutney- Senior Account Director

The biggest advantage we see with using Konnect Insights is the hands-on approach of the team. They have taken into account our requirements and included the same in their product development roadmap. The platform is easy to use and has added to our overall social intelligence, and we aim to use the data we have to provide impactful insights to our clients.
Guy Hawkins

Eric Bohren's

Freshworks - Sr Director, Global Technology Partners and Marketplace

We have a seamless integration between Konnect Insights and Freshdesk. This gives us the ability to provide excellent coverage to our clients when it comes to social data. The queries coming on social media and web can be easily pushed into Freshdesk thus giving us a single view of the customer across the systemns

Get ‘One View of the Customer’ across all touchpoints

Unify your customer experience on social (X, Facebook, Instagram and many more), emails, calls, chats. Connect with your CRMs and Marketing Automations

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