Analyze everything that matters to you

  • Share of Voice
  • Buzz Trend Analysis
  • Relative Share of Voice
  • Overall Word Cloud
  • Current Trends
  • Monthly Trends
  • Brand Buzz Analysis
  • Twitter Share of Posts
  • Conversations Summary
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Overall Twitter Analytics
  • Sentiment Over Time
  • Negative Word Cloud
  • Positive Word Cloud
  • Word Cloud By Media Type
  • Word Cloud By Media & Sentiment
  • Relative Share of Negative
  • Relative Share of Positive
  • Overall Media Type
  • Most Talking Websites
  • Most Talking Websites by Rank
  • Websites talking Negative
  • Websites talking Positive
  • Monthly Trend by Media Type
  • Current Trends By Media
  • Relative Share of Media Type
  • Twitter Campaign Analysis Report
  • Most Influencers
  • Recent Audience
  • Share of Tweets
  • Audience Demographics
  • Regional Analysis
  • Regional Analysis by Sentiment
  • Classification / Tagging Reports
  • Classification By Media Type
  • Classification Over Time
  • Classification Monthly Trends
  • Classification Current Trends
  • Classification By Sentiment
  • Detailed Turn Around Time Reports
  • Twitter Profile Analytics
  • Activity and Engagement
  • Account Followers Over Time
  • Impressions and Reach
  • Response Time Distribution
  • Active / Inactive Followers
  • Twitter Competitor Analysis
  • Facebook Insights
  • Facebook Competitor Insights
  • Instagram Analytics
  • Instagram Competitor Analytics
  • LinkedIn Analytics
  • LinkedIn Competitor Analytics
  • YouTube Channel Analytics
  • YouTube Competitor Analytics
  • Google+ Page Analytics
  • Google+ Competitor Analytics
All in one Tool Social Media Monitoring Tool - Konnect Insights
Modify Charts

Get the flexibilty to modify chart type the way you do it in Excel. The customized features lets you change themes, save chart images with ease. With Konnect you are Presentation Ready

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Automated Conclusions

How about having a tool that explains you what the metrics are all about! At Konnect we have made an effort to go beyond graphs & visual analytics. The charts come with Automated conclusions in simple English

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RAW Data

Download data in Raw excel, CSV format with just a button click. What more! you can get in touch with our tech team for macros to create customized charts in Microsoft Excel.

Manage All Your Social Media Activities Seamlessly With Konnect Insights

If you have been using social media marketing to create and maintain your brand’s online presence, then you must know how much time-consuming the process is. There are various social platforms that are actively used by billions of people on a regular basis. It is not possible to flawlessly maintain all the social media accounts with ease. Moreover, a single mistake on any one of the platform can cost you big times. This is where the need of social media management tool arises. Your work does not end after running an online campaign or sharing posts frequently; you also have to evaluate the performance of each of your online activities that you carried out during a certain period of time. Then only can you make out whether your efforts were paid off or not. You will need a pro social tool to achieve all your set goals; else you might end up lagging behind your competitors.

Konnect Insights is a powerful social media management software that not only helps you manage your social presence with ease but also helps you take insights-driven decision instead of just the data-driven ones.

Konnect Insights help save your time by scheduling posts for you

Managing your brand’s online presence and reputation is more difficult than creating the same. You need to constantly engage with the users through posts to keep them in your loyalty circle for long. The best social media management tool help you to schedule your posts at once. You can even schedule bulk posts at once and change them whenever you want. Most of the marketers schedule posts for weekends or official leaves so that their social presence remains active even if the brands social marketing team is not. Many of the free social media management software don’t allow you to use these features. If you want to make the most out of your social media marketing, then try our social media marketing tool. You can also start a free plan now to see how our tool seamlessly manages your social presence.

Publish posts on multiple social platforms at once using Konnect Insights

Nothing can be better than getting the benefit of managing all the social media platforms using one single platform only. Konnect Insights has a social publishing module that is packed up with various interesting features and allows you to post simultaneously on all your social platforms at a single go. This saves much of your time and your effort of individually going to each account and share a post. With our social media management platform you can:

  • Schedule individual or bulk posts.

  • Start exciting campaigns.

  • Create drafts.

  • Edit scheduled posts.

  • Define roles and much more.
To see how it works, you can book a demo now.

Konnect Insights gives a detailed analysis of your social performance

Spending hours to design and implement social media strategies is pointless, if you don’t keep a track of your social performance. Our robust social media management software will tell how users have reacted to your post. The total number of views, comments, likes, shares, and much more can be seen in a glance on our comprehensive social tool. All these insights will help you develop a better strategy and a more effective social media plan that will develop more engagement with the users and give you the desired ROI. If you use free social media management tool then your purpose might not be fulfilled as many advanced features are missing in the free tools. The premium tool also helps with the social media analytics that gives you a real-time status of all your online activities. One of the biggest advantages of Konnect’s social media analytics is that you can custom select the date and see the data real time, which could otherwise be not possible as the social media platforms themselves provide the analytics for a maximum of 28 days. You can greatly use this feature to your advantage if you have multiple business pages to handle.

What other things to expect from Konnect Insights?

Considered as the best social media management software by our users, our intuitive social media insights tool offers you the functions of four different social tools. Our social media management tool not only keeps our clients updated of every single conversation concerning them but also helps them with their social publishing, analytics, and social CRM. Following are a few of the things that you can expect to get from the best social media management software.

  • Get the benefit of four different social media tools in a single software.

  • The large coverage makes sure you never miss a single important conversation concerning your brand.

  • The simple and beautiful dashboards will make reporting a piece of cake for you.

  • You will never face any problem regarding the working speed, as the tool is built on the latest big data technologies.

  • The social media management tool is simple yet powerful and you can use it with ease.
  • It reduces a lot of manual efforts that was previously required for making the social media marketing a big success.

These are just a few of the things you will be getting from our social media management tool. In order to know how our tool can add value to your business, try our 14-day free trial today . You have to use it to believe it. We offer all the premium features in our free trial period, so you will know what benefits you can derive from our elite social listening tool.

Create - Custom Dashboards


Analyse listening, social media and publishing data in one go. Eliminate the need to navigate around the tool for key brand insights


Select any of the charts from Dashboards such as Share of Voice, Sentiment Analysis, Facebook Analytics, Facebook Comparison and so on.


Drag and drop charts around the custom dashboard as per your preference. Since the dashboard is responsive, you can re- size the charts to suit your viewing needs too.

Social Media Listening - Konnect Insights
Social Media Listening - Konnect Insights

Insights and More -

Analyse Engagement

Check the engagement on your brand’s social profile and see how it compares with your competition. Discover the engagement generated by your posts, examine relative share of engagement and much more.

Know Your Influencers

Tap into your brand and competition’s listening as well as social analytics data to discover key influencers. The tool spots influencers who mention brand related keywords in their conversations. Engage with those who talk about you the most and have the most followers.

Discover What’s Working

Optimize your social media strategy with day-of-the-week and hour-of-the-day engagement statistics. You will discover the top keywords used by those who talk about you, as well as Instagram filters that drive the most engagement.

Start your Konnect Insights 14-day free trial today!