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Konnect's monitoring engine works like a search engine that crawls millions of blogs, forums, consumer forums, mainstream news, and all dynamic websites to give near real time data and analytics.

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Social Media

Conversations from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and others are captured in real- time. The tool’s easy-to-use interface allows you to engage with social media users.

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Private channels

Conversations on Private channels such as Twitter Mentions, DMs, Facebook Inbox, comments, Google Play store, Emails can also be tracked and managed through Konnect Insights. Reply to user through the tool itself.

Achieve All Your Social Media Marketing Goals with Konnect Insights

Running social media campaigns, interacting with online users, posting frequently on various social media platforms, and maintaining brand presence are a few of the job roles that social media marketers play for their organization. All this hard work and effort can go in vain if you fail to manage the online presence on all the social platforms and don’t get enough time to evaluate the results of your online activities. Not only does social media marketing demand much of your time but it also needs to be done with precision. You cannot afford to make any mistake on a platform that is actively used by billions of people. It can considerably tarnish your brand’s image. The best way to save your brand from any possible social threat is to have a pro social tool by your side.

The social media marketing tools help businesses in easily managing their social marketing activities in a considerably lesser time and with higher efficiency. Starting from scheduling a post to evaluating and analyzing its result, everything is taken care of by a social media marketing software.

If you use social media marketing to reach out to potential customers’ but you don’t use the best social media marketing tools then you are missing out many important things. Also, make sure to avoid using free social media marketing tools for achieving your social media marketing goals.Konnect Insights is a social media tool that serves the purpose of 4 different social tools. Whether you talk about social listening or social publishing, analyzing online activities or maintaining a healthy CRM, everything is done by a single and powerful social listening tool.

Manage all your social media accounts using Konnect Insights

Whether you operate a business account on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or any other social platform, you need to remain active on all of them to constantly keep users engaged to your business page. social media marketing tools helps in scheduling posts that makes sure users can engage with your posts even on weekends. You cannot only schedule posts but also edit them, change their scheduling time, check the response received on each post, and much more using premium social media automation tools. If you have never used a social media marketing software before and are unaware how it can leverage your social media presence, then book a demo now.

Konnect Insights keep you updated of your competitors’ social media activities

You can only stand a chance to stay ahead of your competitors when you know what your competitors are doing to win the market. The social media marketing tools for business not only gives you a detailed status of our online activities but also keeps you updated on your competitors’ online activities. Our social media marketing software shares all the details on the beautifully built dashboards, so you can easily review your competitors’ social media activities at a glance without the need of stalking them on different social media platforms.

Create and run engaging online campaigns with Konnect Insights

One of the best ways to build engagement with existing and prospective customers’ is by running new campaigns that will keep people glued to your business page. If you try to do this with all your social media accounts separately, then it will require much of your time and also you might face a problem with evaluating the results of each. Our comprehensive social media management tool will not only allow you to simultaneously run online campaigns on different social platforms at one go but will also report you on the results of all your online campaigns on one single dashboard. The social media analytics are also backed up with beautiful charts and graphics that will help you present the results of all online campaigns in an appealing manner to all the higher authorities.

Konnect Insights help you connect better with customers’

Your social media marketing strategy will be considered to be successful only if you manage to meet your goals. In most of the cases, one of the most common goals is to retain existing customers’ and lure the new ones. With our robust social media marketing software, you can easily build better engagements with customers’ by directly interacting with them on various social platforms using a single tool only. Being the best social media marketing tool, our intuitive tool will notify you if any post concerning your brand has been shared on the web. You can also filter the searches according to your requirements and interact accordingly with the users’

Track individual team members’ performance with Konnect Insights

It is not possible to for a single person to individually interact with many people at once on behalf of the company. If you use free social media tools then you might not get to use this feature to your benefit. Our social tool seamlessly assigns tasks to team members and the marketing head can easily trace the performance of each as the Turn-Around-Time (TAT) gets recorded on the tool. The special built-in features will tell you a detailed record of the escalated calls, closed calls, open calls, and much more. You can try our 14-day free trial today to see how our intuitive and robust social tool works. We offer advanced features during our trial period as well, so that the client knows what they will be paying for. So start your free plan now.

If you rely on free social media marketing tools for business then you will never get the desired ROI from such tools. Make sure that you invest wisely and make the most out of your investment instead of depending on the free social media marketing tools .

Achieve more with minimal effort

Create a search Query

There is no limit to the number of keywords you can add in a query, This is called as a Topic in Konnect Insights. Queries can be very specific in combination of OR, AND and NOT.


There is no limit to the number of keywords you can add in a query, This is called as a Topic in Konnect Insights. Queries can be very specific in combination of OR, AND and NOT.

Auto-tagging, Auto-Assigning

There is no limit to the number of keywords you can add in a query, This is called as a Topic in Konnect Insights. Queries can be very specific in combination of OR, AND and NOT.

Social Media Listening - Konnect Insights
Social Media Listening - Konnect Insights

Easy to setup and intuitive to use

Set Alerts

Konnect Insights allows you to set Alerts so you don’t miss any critical conversation. Be it an influencer mentioning your brand or a negative post on a prominent News site you are alerted immediately.

Define workflow

Set workflow rules so conversations are automatically routed to the higher management if not replied by executives in certain number of hours. Ensure quick Turn Around Times for your customers.

Measure the team’s performance

At a click of a button you know how fast your team is responding to customer queries and where’s the scope for improvement. Define working hours, weekends and manage customer queries efficiently.

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