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Don’t miss a single conversation anywhere on the web

Konnect Insights’ robust social listening tool is built on top of in-house search engines to crawl millions of sources in real time to give you 100% relevant information about your brand, competition, and your industry.

Our social listening tool is backed by a robust monitoring engine that quickly checks millions of online sources including blogs, forums, mainstream news, consumer forums, and all the dynamic websites to accurately give you real-time data and analytics.

Whether you talk about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ or any other social platform, the search engine of our social listening tool brings about all the necessary updates and the comprehensive social media listening tool also allows you to engage directly with the target audience with its easy-to-use interface.

Konnect Insights social listening tool allows its users to easily track and respond to conversations taking place on private channels like Twitter mentions, DMs, Facebook inbox, comments, Google Play store, and many more. You can use our social media listening tool to directly interact with users on different social platforms using one single tool only.

Never miss a conversation that matters with Konnect’s social listening tools

Before you start building engagements with customers on different social media platforms, it would be better if you know what people think about your brand. It will help develop better interactions with customers. Konnect’s social listening tool is simple yet robust and helps brands know what, where, when, and by whom posts are being shared concerning their brand.

Konnects’ social media monitoring engine crawls through millions of news sites, forums, blogs, social platforms, and many other online sources where information is shared with or by the customers. If you have never used a social media listening tool before, then book a demo now and see how this powerful tool can leverage your social activities and brand presence. Post demo, you can also register for a 14-day free trial to have a better understanding of the tool.

Konnect’s social media listening software is made using the big data technology that makes sure huge data volumes never disrupt the working speed of our tool. Crawling through millions of data within seconds to provide a real-time status of your brand requires a pro social tool and not a free social listening tool. In today’s volatile and highly competitive market, you should not take risks by depending on free social listening tools.

Social listening tools help filter your search results

Every day over billions of people posts something on the internet. Some might post a positive feedback about your brand while others may not. You cannot go through endless conversations concerning your brand over the internet. This is why our smart social media listening software offers you advanced features that keep you updated on all the material conversations that matters the most. Using the social listening tool You can create a search query according to your requirements to get filtered results every time you log on to your account. Our social media tool also allows you to restrict your searches according to a particular demographic. You may not find all these advanced features in free social listening tools as their functions are limited.

Our social media monitoring engine crawls through millions of web sources including news portals, forums, blogs, and different other social media platforms to keep you updated on all the relevant brand conversations. You can rest assured of not skipping a single important conversation with the aid of our social media listening tools. Moreover, filtering and making other customizations will ease your job. If you really want to leverage your social presence and make the most out of it then make sure to get rid of the free social listening tools. Switch to our 4-in-1 social listening tool and explore a whole new range of comprehensive features.

Enjoy reduced manual interventions with social media listening tools

Konnect’s social media management tool serves the purpose of four different social tools. You cannot only use it as a social media scheduler to schedule individual or bulk posts on various social media platforms but also use its social media analytics features to get a detailed status of the performance of all your social media activities on a single platform. You can also set rules that will allow the social media marketing tool to route conversations and tag people based on the given set of rules. The social listening tool takes care of a major part of your work which allows you to utilize your time in other constructive activities.

With our social media monitoring tool, you can create a query, filter your searches according to particular demographics, enable auto-tagging, set alerts, define your team members’ workflow, and much more. No free social media monitoring tools can offer you these features. You need to act wisely by choosing a social media listening software that has all the relevant features to boost your social presence along with increasing the efficiency of your team members’. If you are apprehensive about switching from a free tool to a paid one, then book a demo now to see how you can be benefited from a paid social media listening tool.

Social media listening tool helps you analyze individual team members’ performance

The social listening tool not only helps in building your brand presence online but also gives you a detailed report on all your team members’ performance. You can easily come to know how your team members are responding to users’ query, what is the total turn-around-time, the total number of calls closed, and much more. You will not find such features in free social media monitoring tools so make sure to get yourself a premium tool for this purpose. You can try our social listening tool for full 14 days before switching to our paid version.Register for a 14-day free trial today and enjoy benefits of the best social media monitoring tool. In order to help our clients understand what a social media monitoring tool is and how will it can be used to your advantage, we don’t hold back any premium feature in our free trial period. This will help you understand that the investment on a social media listening tool is a must.

Our social media listening tool gives you a detailed status of the performance of every single team member with the click of a single button. Every time you log in to your account, you can see how many members are actively responding to queries and detect areas where improvement is needed. You can also set rules that if a query isn’t responded to within a certain timeframe then the query will be automatically escalated to the higher management. A lot of other set of rules can also be set in our social listening tool according to your requirements that are sure to contribute towards an increased team members’ efficiency.

Konnect’s social listening tool keep you informed of every crucial conversation and also helps in enhancing the TAT

You can create an alert in our social media software that will keep you notified every time a crucial conversation concerning your brand has been shared on the internet. Whether you want to stay updated on the negative posts, positives posts or any influencer sharing his views about your brand, you can create and filter your search according to your requirements. If you have been using free social listening tools then these features might not be available to you. You can also create and set workflow routes that will automatically escalate the queries to higher authorities if the team members fail to solve it within the assigned TAT. This will considerably increase the effectiveness and productivity of your team and you will be in a better position to maintain healthy customer relationships. You can start a free plan now to see how it all works.

Achieve more with minimal effort

Create a search Query

With our social media listening tool, you can easily create a query that will give you filtered search results every time you log in to your account. There is no limit to the number of keywords you want to add at the time of query creation. To be more specific with your customized query, our social media listening tool gives you the option to create a query using a combination of OR, AND, and NOT.


If you want to limit your searches according to some specific languages and regions, then our social media listening tool is here for your assistance. Our social media listening tool can auto-detect numerous languages that help you target a particular demographic.

Auto-tagging, Auto-Assigning

A smart social media listening tool is one that reduces manual intervention alongside providing spectacular work results. Konnect’s social media listening tool performs auto-functions like tagging and assigning based on a set of predefined rules. You can change these rules anytime based on your specifications. Our comprehensive social media tool allows you to focus on more the strategic part while the other functions are taken care with ease by this tool.

Easy to setup and intuitive to use

Set Alerts

By receiving prompt alerts from our social media listening tool, you will never miss an important conversation that requires your attention. Talk about an influencer spreading positive reviews about your brand or an unhappy customer sharing negative reviews about your products, you will be notified about it immediately so that you can adopt the necessary course of action.

Define workflow

Our social media listening tool not only keeps you informed of important brand conversations but also helps you to increase your employees’ efficiency and productivity. You can set rules wherein conversations will be automatically escalated to the higher management, if the concerned employee fails to respond within the assigned TAT.

Measure the team’s performance

With our intelligent social media listening tool by your side, you can quickly check individual team member’s performance with the click of a button. You can easily check which team members are responding to queries and what the scope of improvement is. Working hours, weekends, and customer queries can also be managed effortlessly with our social media listening tool.

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