Measure Real-Time Brand Performance
With Social Analytic Tool

Our social analytics tool is the best in the industry as it offers a myriad of charts and metrics at your disposal that helps you evaluate your brand performance on a real-time basis.


Become presentation ready with Konnect’s social media analytics tool

Our social analytics tool allows you to modify existing charts according to your desired specifications for better results. You can change themes, save chart images with ease, and much more that makes presentation ready anytime.

Get the flexibility to modify chart type the way you do it in Excel with our social analytics tool. The customized features lets you change themes, save chart images with ease. With Konnect Insights social media analytics tool, your presentation is ready.

One of the many things that separate our social analytics tool from the rest and make it the best social media analytics tool in the industry is the inbuilt automated conclusions feature. You don’t have to scratch your head interpreting the metrics or charts, as our social analytics tool come with automated conclusions that tell you the overall results in simple English.

With our social analytics tool by your end, you can easily download data in raw excel, CSV format with the click of a button. You can also get in touch with our tech team for macros to create customized charts in excel for better performance.

Analyze everything that matters to you

  • Share of Voice
  • Buzz Trend Analysis
  • Relative Share of Voice
  • Overall Word Cloud
  • Current Trends
  • Monthly Trends
  • Brand Buzz Analysis
  • Twitter Share of Posts
  • Conversations Summary
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Overall Twitter Analytics
  • Sentiment Over Time
  • Negative Word Cloud
  • Positive Word Cloud
  • Google+ Competitor Analytics
  • Word Cloud By Media Type
  • Word Cloud By Media & Sentiment
  • Relative Share of Negative
  • Relative Share of Positive
  • Overall Media Type
  • Most Talking Websites
  • Most Talking Websites by Rank
  • Websites talking Negative
  • Websites talking Positive
  • Monthly Trend by Media Type
  • Current Trends By Media
  • Relative Share of Media Type
  • Twitter Campaign Analysis Report
  • Most Influencers
  • Recent Audience
  • Share of Tweets
  • Audience Demographics
  • Regional Analysis
  • Regional Analysis by Sentiment
  • Classification / Tagging Reports
  • Classification By Media Type
  • Classification Over Time
  • Classification Monthly Trends
  • Classification Current Trends
  • Classification By Sentiment
  • Detailed Turn Around Time Reports
  • Twitter Profile Analytics
  • Activity and Engagement
  • Account Followers Over Time
  • Impressions and Reach
  • Response Time Distribution
  • Active / Inactive Followers
  • Twitter Competitor Analysis
  • Facebook Insights
  • Facebook Competitor Insights
  • Instagram Analytics
  • Instagram Competitor Analytics
  • LinkedIn Analytics
  • LinkedIn Competitor Analytics
  • YouTube Channel Analytics
  • YouTube Competitor
  • Analytics Google+ Page Analytics

Measure Your Brand Performance with Konnect’s Social Analytics Tool

No matter how many strategically designed social media campaigns you flawlessly execute; it will not be worth it if you fail to measure the performance of all your social media activities. The social media analytics tool is a smart way to evaluate and analyze the performance of all your online activities. Whether you engage your customers’ through interesting posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social platform, you need to check how well each post did for your business. Social media analytics software can help measure and evaluate your online efforts performance with ease. You can find various Facebook analytics tool and Twitter analytics tool but what if one single tool serves the purpose of 4 different social tools? It will not only leverage only your social campaigns but will also make things easier for the online marketing team.

Konnect Insights is a robust social listening tool that also takes care of your social publishing, social CRM, and social media analytics. We understand the modern marketing needs and also know how tedious it can be to individually manage the different social media accounts for a business. In order to ease the social marketing process, we launched our intuitive and comprehensive social media management tool. If you are interested to know, how our smart social analytics tool can make the most out of your social media presence then book a demo now.

Evaluate online activities that matter with our social media analytics tool

Every enterprise conducts social media marketing or runs various online campaigns to get something in return. Without having a robust and feature-rich social media management tool that has inbuilt social media analytics feature, it becomes impossible to evaluate and analyze the performance of all the online activities with 100% accuracy. Our 4-in-1 smart social analytics tool displays the results of all your online efforts on a single beautiful dashboard through easy to understand metrics, charts and other graphical representations. The benefit of using our social media analytics software is that you don’t have to separately purchase different social media analytics tools for evaluating the performance of different social accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and various others as well. Our 4-in-1 social robust tool offers the most comprehensive and the best social media analytics feature that is just perfect for the needs of different organizations.

If you actively use Facebook to keep your existing customers busy alongside luring your prospective customers, then our Facebook analytics software can prove to be a boon for your social media marketing team. Not only can you check the level of engagement built on each post, the total number of likes, dislikes, shares, comments, sentiment analysis, but you can also check and evaluate the performance of your competitors’ Facebook activities. A similar thing can be done with our Instagram analytics software feature and Twitter analytics software feature while evaluating the performance of activities on Instagram and Twitter respectively. You can book a demo now to see how it can be achieved seamlessly.

Social media analytics tool analyzes the performance of every material social media activity

Everyone invests time and efforts in social media marketing to derive a pre-defined ROI. Your work doesn’t end at just posting content on various social media platforms; you are also liable to analyze and evaluate the social media analytics to check whether the applied social media strategy is apt or requires modifications. Our social analytics tool helps you analyze anything and everything that is relevant to your social media activities. With our social media analytics tool you can keep a track of the performance of the following:

  • Impressions and reach
  • Online campaign analysis report
  • Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+ page analytics
  • Relative share of positive and negative
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Brand buzz analysis
  • Influencers
  • Watch time comparison for Facebook and YouTube
  • Demographics analysis and many more

Apart from giving you a detailed performance insight, our social analytics tool also acts a social media scheduler that makes sure your brand presence is maintained 24*7.You will never be able to optimize the free social media analytics software to leverage your social media activities as most of the advanced features are restricted from being used in the free tools. Start a free plan now to see how you can seamlessly measure the performance of your brand on a real-time basis with our feature-rich social media analytics tool.

Become presentation ready with Konnect Insights social media analytics tool

Presenting the status and performance results of all your social media activities to higher authorities also requires much of your time. You use a social analytics tool to keep a track of the brand performance but you need to present the results in a presentable way to the higher authorities. Just verbally telling out the results you measured using Facebook analytics tool or the Instagram analytics tool won’t work. Our social media analytics software not only gives a detailed report of the brand performance but also makes you presentation ready by helping you in the following ways:

  • The social media analytics tool not only offers charts that explicitly states the performance results but also allows you to modify the chart according to your requirements.
  • You will not have to spend hours to make out what the metrics express. Our social media analytics software has smartly automated conclusions that clearly states what the metrics indicate in simple English language. This feature is not available in a lot of other social media analytics tool.
  • social analytics tool allows you to download data in excel in a CSV format with a single click. If you want some changes in the chart types present in Microsoft Excel to help you in your presentation, then our tech team will help you with that as well.

Find powerful influencers for your brand using Konnect’s social media analytics feature

Our Facebook analytics tool and Twitter analytics tool not only gives you an overview of the total number of views, comments, likes, and shares but also helps you in finding out the powerful influencers that have the capacity to become your brand advocates. You can find out influencers on Instagram having a relatively huge following with the help of Instagram analytics tool. If you want to use the social media analytics tool to your advantage then make sure you don’t rely on the free social media analytics software as they don’t give you access to the advanced features. If you are skeptical about investing in social media marketing tools , then you can use our 14-day free trial today and feel the difference for self. We don’t hold back any premium feature in our free trial period, so you will know what you will be paying for in near future.
You can also rely on our Twitter analytics tool for finding potential influencers on Twitter that will take care of your online reputation management when you are unable to do so. Konnect’s social media analytics tool is loaded with powerful features that not only help you measure your real-time brand performance but also facilitates the process of finding a strong and reliable brand advocate.

Analyze the results of different social media activities on a single dashboard with social media analytics software

We aim at increasing your efficiency level and reducing your manual intervention in your social media marketing processes. You don’t need separate Instagram analytics software or separate Facebook analytics software as all the performance of all your social media accounts can be viewed and analyzed using a single social media analytics tool. Whether you want to see how much engagement individual post managed to build on each social platform or want to see how many people actively interacted on your posts or shared your posts, every single detail will be made available to you on a single dashboard only on our 4-in-1 social media software. This way, you will be able to see the results at a single glance only. No need to log in to various social media accounts and analyze the result of each. If you come across any negative post about your brand, you can immediately take action using an online management reputation tool and stop negative posting at the earliest by communicating with the user.

One of the main benefits of using our social media analytics tool is that you don’t have to spend money on purchasing different Facebook analytics tool or Twitter analytics tool to evaluate the performance on respective platforms. A business that uses free social media analytics software always fails to achieve their set goals as they are not allowed to use advanced features that most of their competitors are using. Purchasing Instagram analytics tool or the Facebook analytics software is like investing in an asset. You will be astounded to see the benefits that you derive from using Konnect’s Instagram analytics software within a short span of time.

Konnect’s social media analytics help you design better strategies with insights-driven information instead of just data-driven ones

Social media analytics software can sort out the posts that surpassed your expectation and managed to achieve its purpose. You don’t have to use Twitter analytics software or separate software for different platforms as our single robust social media analytics software will serve your purpose. The software will tell you about the most trending posts, what keywords users used for your brand, which filters gained maximum engagement, and much more. Based on all the real-time insights you will be in a better position to take further actions. You can start your free plan now to see how social media analytics can make a big difference in your social marketing processes. Go ahead and register for our 14-days free trial today to receive unmatched features.

Create - Custom Dashboards With Our Intuitive Social Analytics Tool


The comprehensive social media analytics tool eliminates the need to navigate around the tool for getting key brand insights. By creating custom dashboards you can choose to filter the results you want to see on a single screen.


You can select any chart from the social media analytics tool dashboards like share of voice, sentiment analysis, Facebook analytics, comparison and so on.


Our comprehensive social media analytics tool allows you to drag and drop the selected chart onto the dashboard as per your preference. You can also resize the chart to make viewing easy and also to fit multiple charts on a single dashboard.

Insights and More With Our Social Analytics Tool-

Analyse Engagement

Konnect’s social media analytics tool helps you
examine the engagement on your brand profile and also facilitates quick and precise comparison with your competitors’ share of engagement. You can check the engagement generated by your individual posts examine the relative share of engagement and much more.

Know Your Influencers

With our social media analytics feature, discover your brand’s and your competitors’ conversations and use the analytics to spot the key influencers who are capable of turning into your brand advocates. Our social media analytics tool identifies influencers with the help of brand-related keywords that they use in their conversations. You can easily interact with them on different social platforms using one single tool only.

Discover What’s Working

You can optimize your social media strategy with our social media analytics tool day-of-the-week and hour-of-the-day engagement statistics. Social media analytics identifies the keywords that are most used by the users who talk about your brand on different social platforms. You can also get to know which Instagram filters are driving the most engagement.

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