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Powerful and intelligent discovery features

Identify brand advocates

Based on conversation sentiment, influence, reach and frequency of engagement, you can engage with those users who have the potential of turning into brand advocates.

Build a community of enthusiasts

Use the tool’s search-within-search features to discover tweets which espouse your brand’s personality. Enthusiastic users who share the same values as your brand can be identified to engage with.

Get Your Team Behind Your Social Relationship Management Efforts

Build a complete customer profile

Share Notes about the customer’s preferred time and mode of communication. Record Customer information like Company Name, Occupation, Email Address and Contact No in the CRM. Log key excerpts from offline conversations for future reference by team members.

Social CRM makes every team member accountable

Discovering each team member’s contribution is crucial for maintaining a strong customer focus and improving productivity. Actioned conversations are flagged with a green icon and those assigned to team members are tracked for calculating Turn-Around- Time.

Social Media Listening - Konnect Insights
Social Media Listening - Konnect Insights

Turn-Around-Time Dashboards For Tracking Team Performance in Real-Time

Assess your team’s responsiveness

See how responsive your social team is by accessing the tool’s Turn-Around-Time (TAT) dashboards. Find charts that give you an overview of total escalated conversations and their breakdown based on sentiment and other metrics as well as their workflow status (Opened, Awaiting Response, Overdue, Work- In-Progress, Closed etc.)

Create benchmarks and keep tabs on the team

Set response benchmarks to excel at social customer service. Check team’s efficiency by taking a quick look at metrics which show exactly how many conversations were escalated, responded & closed and the time it took for the team to do so.

Develop Healthy and Meaningful Customer Relationships with Konnect Insights Smart Social CRM Software

Using the traditional marketing methods, it is easy to keep a track of your brand’s online activities and its analytics but have you ever tried to keep a track of what customers’ are sharing about your organization on various social media platforms? It is one area that was not being taken care of properly. You can only establish great customer relationships when you know what your customers’ think about your brand and you manage to reach out to your customer’s timely to resolve their queries or take their feedback. This is where the role of the best social CRM software comes into use. Your work doesn’t end at building relationships with customers’ rather your actual work starts from there. You will have to monitor, track, and analyze your social media communications with the users to maintain everlasting relations with them.

Whether you run a small organization or a corporate giant, you will require a social media tool to flawlessly integrate the social media channels into your CRM system. Konnect’s social listening tool is an intelligent tool that understands the modern marketing needs and serves the purpose of four different social tools. Starting from brand reputation management to building great customer relationships, listening to the crucial informations concerning your brand to analyzing the performance of social activities; everything is taken care of by the top CRM software.

Identify influencers and enthusiasts with Konnect’s online reputation management tool

Social CRM tools help you identify influencers and enthusiasts on all social media channels that will take care of your online brand reputation even when you are not active. Having intelligent built-in features, the social listening CRM tool identifies influencers that are capable of turning into brand advocates based on the conversation sentiment, reach, the frequency of engagement, and influence. You can use the best CRM software to discover active users that share the same views. Interacting with them on social media platforms can turn out to be quite lucrative for your brand. If you are not sure how social media marketing tool can be used to your advantage, then book a demo now.

Increase your responsive team’s efficiency and accountability with Konnect’s social media CRM tool

Konnect’s CRM software for small businesses and corporate giants make your marketing team more accountable and brings the customer relationship management to another level. With the tool’s advanced features, you can keep a record of the customer’s contact details and their preferred mode and time of communication. You can keep a check on your team’s performance on a single dashboard. The actioned conversations are flagged with a green icon and the assigned tasks are tracked on the Turn-Around-Time dashboard. You can start a 14-day free trial today and see the difference for self. For your convenience, we don’t hold back any advance feature in our free trial so that you know what you will be getting at the offered price.

Analyze and evaluate real-time performance of all your social media activities

We know how diligently each post is crafted for different social media platforms to attract customers attention. But many times, the post doesn’t give us the desired results. The social media analytics give us a granular detailed view of each post shared by you and helps you decide whether the currently implemented strategy is working out for your social campaigns or not. The best CRM software takes care of both the social CRM and your social media activities. You can easily use social media scheduler to schedule your posts for days when you will be unavailable so that your brand’s presence is maintained throughout.Free social CRM tools will not give you access to advanced features, so it is better you avoid using free softwares for social media marketing. You can start a free plan now to see how the premium social tools can help you leverage your social presence. The best social CRM tools aim at giving you a comprehensive set of services that will not only help you manage your social media activities but will also help you in analyzing the performance on a real-time basis.

What benefits can you derive from Konnect’s social media CRM tool?

Being the best CRM software in the market, our tool aims at leveraging the efficiency of your sales and marketing department in a cost-effective manner. With Konnect’s social media management tool your sales, customer service, and marketing department can be highly benefited. Here is what you can expect from the best online reputation management tool :

  • Your customer support team can directly communicate with the customer’s using social media channels for faster communication. This will facilitate resolving of grievances in comparatively less Turn-Around-Time. As a result, your customer support team’s efficiency will be increased and your customers’ will be highly satisfied of your services.

  • The online reputation management tool will help the marketing team to create effective marketing campaigns with better targeting. By channelizing the marketing efforts in a place where your target audience spends most of the time, you can expect an increased engagement, higher web traffic, greater conversion rates, higher search rankings, and much more.

  • The sales team will experience greater retention of customers’ and increased sales as the online reputation management tool will bridge the gap between your brand and your customers’. Your team will be able to take direct feedback about your products/services from real users and can accordingly take necessary steps to attract and retain customers.

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