With Social CRM you can integrate online and offline touch points. Empower your team with one view of the customer

APIs to push and pull data

Using Konnect Insights APIs you can push social data of the customer such as Tweets, posts, comments inside your CRM which could be Microsoft Dynamics or any other CRM. At the same time, you can pull data into Konnect Insights such as Membership ID, offline call history to offer more insights to your agents. Give your agents a 360-degree view of the customer before they respond

Connect Social channels and beyond

With Konnect Insights you can respond to customer queries on Twitter, Twitter Mentions, DMs, Facebook inbox messages, user posts, comments, Facebook public page data, Instagram comments and posts, LinkedIn comments, YouTube comments, Google Business Reviews, Mobile app reviews, Emails, SMS, Custom web forms. Bring all your platforms on Konnect Insights and track all your responses and agent performance from one dashboard. You also get the power of analytics engine for all these platforms

What makes Konnect Insights the best Social CRM Tool

Queuing Features
Take a call centre like approach for resolving customer conversations on social channels. If you have to deal with large volumes of data and still have to maintain a quick Turn-Around-Time, Queuing is ideal for you and all your agents. Smart algorithms ensure you address the most relevant ones’ first
Define Workflows
Based on the type of conversations define workflows that will ensure they are catered by relevant stakeholders. At advanced levels conversations can flow to higher management if not addressed within set number of hours. Restrict access to tool features based on roles and responsibilities
Agent Performance & Turn-Around-Time Reports
Detailed Turn-Around-Time reports at the brand level and also at an individual level increases accountability and helps you further improve on your productivity. Advanced features such as setting Working Hours, Pause Queue, Holiday Master, Work-In-Progress gives you reports at granular levels
Auto classification, Auto Assignment
Set rules to let the tool automatically classify (also called as categorise or tag) the conversations. Classifications can be created for each Topic or a social channel and can have sub-classifications. Make the most of our dynamic reports to identify which product categories are being spoken the most and what’s the sentiment

Social CRM is Customer Experience Management and not just Online Reputation Management

Increase Positivity and Brand Advocacy by engaging with your customers in meaningful ways and by offering your users the state of the art tool - Konnect Insights