Use Cases

Here are some of the reasons why you need Konnect Insights for your brand

How do your customers feel about your brand? Monitor mentions of your brand online to understand customer perception, spot changes in sentiment, and measure brand visibility – all in real time.

Benchmark your marketing performance and brand awareness against all of your competitors. Discover deeper consumer insights that can inform corporate competitive strategy.

When a crisis hits your brand, every second counts. Never miss a critical mention and ensure you have the tools to steer your teams through these make-or-break moments.

Build a data-driven culture. Slow companies, stuck in inertia because it’s “what we’ve done for years”, will always lose. The world’s fastest growing companies change course when needed to ke

Traditional market research is time-consuming and costly. Brandwatch gives you access to the world’s largest pool of online consumer discussion, lets you monitor conversation across the web, and coll

Predict consumer needs. You can’t predict the future without understanding the past. With access to the largest source of historical consumer conversations, you can spot trends competitors miss

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