What makes Konnect Insights the best social media tool you’ll ever use?

All In One Tool

Once you sign up with Konnect Insights you don’t have to manage / buy multiple tools. You get power of 4 social media tools in one

Back End Technology

Konnect Insights is built on latest big data technologies to cater huge volume and variety of data with speed

Great Coverage

Don’t miss a single conversation anywhere on the web. Konnect's social media tool crawls millions of sites and all social channels

Easy to Use

The supreme excellence is Simplicity! Konnect Insights is an easy to use social media software with very rich user experience

Beautiful Dashboards

You will simply fall in love with the UI design! Take reporting to all new level with our beautiful social media tool dashboards

Highly Automated

Minimum of manual intervention. Konnect Insights accurately automates sentiment, tagging and assignment

Take Insights Driven Decisions and not just Data Driven

There’s a reason why people love to use Konnect Insights and you’ll agree with us

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