Simple, Yet Powerful Social Listening Features

Discover brand conversations happening on news sites, blogs, forums, review sites, and social media

Don’t miss a single conversation


Konnect's monitoring engine works like a search engine that crawls millions of blogs, forums, consumer forums, mainstream news, and all dynamic websites to give near real time data and analytics.

Social Media

Conversations from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and others are captured in real- time. The tool’s easy-to-use interface allows you to engage with social media users.

Private channels

Conversations on Private channels such as Twitter Mentions, DMs, Facebook Inbox, comments, Google Play store, Emails can also be tracked and managed through Konnect Insights. Reply to user through the tool itself

Achieve more with minimal effort

Create a search Query

There is no limit to the number of keywords you can add in a query, This is called as a Topic in Konnect Insights. Queries can be very specific in combination of OR, AND and NOT.


Konnect Insights Geo-Targeting technology lets you limit your search by regions and languages. Konnect automatically identifies hundreds of languages that helps you target a very specific demographic.

Auto-tagging, Auto-Assigning

Konnect does conversation routing and tagging based on set rules. You can edit these rules anytime. Let Konnect Insights do your routine manual work while you focus on strategies.

Social Listening Tool - features
Social Listening Tool - screenshot

Easy to setup and intuitive to use

Set Alerts

Konnect Insights allows you to set Alerts so you don’t miss any critical conversation. Be it an influencer mentioning your brand or a negative post on a prominent News site you are alerted immediately.

Define workflow

Set workflow rules so conversations are automatically routed to the higher management if not replied by executives in certain number of hours. Ensure quick Turn Around Times for your customers.

Measure the team’s performance

At a click of a button you know how fast your team is responding to customer queries and where’s the scope for improvement. Define working hours, weekends and manage customer queries efficiently.

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