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Measure Brand Performance and Uncover Brand Intelligence

At your disposal are a range of charts which help you evaluate the success of your brand’s overall efforts

Social Analytics Tool - features

Analyze everything that matters to you

  • Share of Voice
  • Buzz Trend Analysis
  • Relative Share of Voice
  • Overall Word Cloud
  • Current Trends
  • Monthly Trends
  • Brand Buzz Analysis
  • Twitter Share of Posts
  • Conversations Summary
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Overall Twitter Analytics
  • Sentiment Over Time
  • Negative Word Cloud
  • Positive Word Cloud
  • Word Cloud By Media Type
  • Word Cloud By Media & Sentiment
  • Relative Share of Negative
  • Relative Share of Positive
  • Overall Media Type
  • Most Talking Websites
  • Most Talking Websites by Rank
  • Websites talking Negative
  • Websites talking Positive
  • Monthly Trend by Media Type
  • Current Trends By Media
  • Relative Share of Media Type
  • Twitter Campaign Analysis Report
  • Most Influencers
  • Recent Audience
  • Share of Tweets
  • Audience Demographics
  • Regional Analysis
  • Regional Analysis by Sentiment
  • Classification / Tagging Reports
  • Classification By Media Type
  • Classification Over Time
  • Classification Monthly Trends
  • Classification Current Trends
  • Classification By Sentiment
  • Detailed Turn Around Time Reports
  • Twitter Profile Analytics
  • Activity and Engagement
  • Account Followers Over Time
  • Impressions and Reach
  • Response Time Distribution
  • Active / Inactive Followers
  • Twitter Competitor Analysis
  • Facebook Insights
  • Facebook Competitor Insights
  • Instagram Analytics
  • Instagram Competitor Analytics
  • LinkedIn Analytics
  • LinkedIn Competitor Analytics
  • YouTube Channel Analytics
  • YouTube Competitor Analytics
  • Google+ Page Analytics
  • Google+ Competitor Analytics

Modify Charts

Get the flexibilty to modify chart type the way you do it in Excel. The customized features lets you change themes, save chart images with ease. With Konnect you are Presentation Ready

Automated Conclusions

How about having a tool that explains you what the metrics are all about! At Konnect we have made an effort to go beyond graphs & visual analytics. The charts come with Automated conclusions in simple English

RAW Data

Download data in Raw excel, CSV format with just a button click. What more! you can get in touch with our tech team for macros to create customized charts in Microsoft Excel.

Create Custom Dashboards


Analyse listening, social media and publishing data in one go. Eliminate the need to navigate around the tool for key brand insights


Select any of the charts from Dashboards such as Share of Voice, Sentiment Analysis, Facebook Analytics, Facebook Comparison and so on.


Drag and drop charts around the custom dashboard as per your preference. Since the dashboard is responsive, you can re- size the charts to suit your viewing needs too.

Social Analytics - Custom Reports
Social Analytics - Insights

Insights and More

Analyse Engagement

Check the engagement on your brand’s social profile and see how it compares with your competition. Discover the engagement generated by your posts, examine relative share of engagement and much more.

Know Your Influencers

Tap into your brand and competition’s listening as well as social analytics data to discover key influencers. The tool spots influencers who mention brand related keywords in their conversations. Engage with those who talk about you the most and have the most followers.

Discover What’s Working

Optimize your social media strategy with day-of-the-week and hour-of-the-day engagement statistics. You will discover the top keywords used by those who talk about you, as well as Instagram filters that drive the most engagement.

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