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All in one tool

With Konnect Insights you get power of four products in one! Konnect is a very powerful listening tool, it can also be used for campaign analytics, for brand and competition analytics on social channels and even to publish seamlessly to social channels. Take stock of your brand’s online conversations through social listening metrics like share of voice, sentiment, Media Type and many more. Not just your own, you can assess your competition’s social media activities too. With Konnect you don’t have to manage multiple tools. It is one tool for all you need as a marketer.

Response Management

Response management can be a cumbersome and overwhelming experience for every brand’s social response team. Konnect Insights put response teams at ease with its Social CRM workflow. Social CRM empowers your team to respond and track progress on each brand conversation. Response notes and contact details once entered are always available for future reference. Social CRM makes every member of your response team accountable for response efficiency. Turn-Around-Time (TAT) can be benchmarked to match user expectations. Detailed TAT statistics are available to support your efforts for maintaining desired efficiency.

Web and Social Media coverage

Konnect Insights discovers every brand conversation that matters to you. The tool gathers data from millions of websites and all major social media networks. At any given point we have brand conversations about every brand that’s being discussed online. Our mantra is to ensure you do not miss a single brand conversation anywhere on the web. No effort has been spared to give Konnect Insights the widest and deepest possible reach.

Rich Dashboards

Want a quick overview of your brand, competition and industry? Our dashboards have you covered. Want to deep dive by being very specific about social data? Our dashboards have you covered. Konnect's dashboards allow you to visualize data in a number of ways from multiple sources. The tool’s data visualization options have been enhanced to aid better decision making! Interactive charts allow you to go further in your quest for enhancing your brand’s online presence. Apart from detailed analysis, our interactive charts allow you to initiate actions on the fly.


Konnect Insights matches the speed with which brand conversations buzz around on the internet. Rapid response to concerns and complaints is now critical to brand communications. Longer response timelines are harmful to brand reputation, we help you get a hold on it. Konnect Insights helps you discover conversations instantly to facilitate swift actions. The tool’s proprietary search engine has been built for speed. Our data scientists have put together a host of big data technologies that are right for you.

Social channel Analytics for Brand and Competition

Simply add brand and competitors profiles from various social channels and gather insights in minutes. We cover Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus and LinkedIn for brand and competition analytics. With Konnect you have 360 degree view of everything you need to know from online conversations to social analytics.